Wednesday, June 14, 2017

• City Council Meeting June 2017

Short meeting with very little that happened that would concern the average Wildomar resident. 

However, before the meeting there was a flag day ceremony in front of city hall. In attendance were members of the Boy Scouts, the VFW, the city council members (save Marsha Swanson who is on vacation), and other city staff.

There was a new feature at the city council meeting among the presentations, a Police Department Update. It's going to be a quarterly report. 

Captain Dan Anne delivered some stats on the service calls, arrests, types of crimes and the like. Check out the 6 minute video for the full report.

PUBLIC COMMENTS (non agenda items)
  • Pete Kee spoke about the Camelia Townhouse Project
  • Vernoica Langworthy spoke about her concerns regarding marijuana (I have a feeling this is going to be a recurring thing).
  • Peter Dejong spoke about dirt on Lemon Street that's been there since February.
  • Trudy Curry discussed her concerns about zoning and the general plan map.
  • Ken Mayes had borrowed time from Tim Huizenga and spoke about the reading program at the Wildomar Library, the Freedom Swing and how it's still not readily available for use, the missing ADA ramp in the tot lot at Marna O'Brien park, wants a parks committee set up (seems reasonable), and is against Eagle Scout projects in the parks — citing some that weren't properly planned out. He also spoke against the Camelia Townhouse Project, mentioning something about "becoming dislocated refugees in our own community" as Wildomar "becomes the place that everyone left, because of traffic and overcrowding".
  • Olivia Fuentes (12) spoke about Wildomar being a rural community.
  • Andy Morris, a member of the EVMWD board of directors, spoke about a looming rate increase. Urging people with questions to call asking them (951) 674-3146, or to email him at
  • Mason Ballard talked about the recent Little League TOC that was held at Marna O'Brien park. (This comment was actually on part of the consent calendar and is not in the video)

There was nothing in the main agenda that I found very interesting, but there was one item in the consent calendar (basically a place where many items are put that don't end up getting discussed, and then voted on as a package deal) that I thought was worthy of a mention. 

As it turned out, the council had already decided to remove that item from the agenda, and bring it back on another day. That didn't prevent Ken Mayes or Joseph Morabito (that's me) from throwing in their two cents during public comments on the item.

It's about adopting Rosenberg's Rules of Order as a guide to conduct city meetings. The only problem I had was where it appeared that the ability to donate time from one speaker to another was going to be eliminated.
Part of page 140 of the agenda.
This entire agenda item will be brought back in two weeks (that means part of a special meeting on June 28th) and from what I'm gathering, it seems like the idea of nixing the donated minutes option will not be part of it. We shall see.

I can't think of any advantages, of even the slightest appearance, of trying to keep the public's input to a minimum... even if we're annoying at times.

The other option, leaving it up to the mayor's discretion as to which people were to get extended time, looked like a sure fire recipe for accusations of favoritism.
Next week will be the long awaited rematch at the Planning Commission meeting, where the oft mentioned Camelia Townhouse Project will be coming back to the agenda. 

It'll be interesting to hear what the commissioners have to say about it. No matter which way they vote, I expect them all to have good reasoning behind their choices, and to go on the record of what those reasons are.
•          •          •

Whenever you're desperate for a means of escape from a problem, don't try too hard for an easy way out. You might just be unlucky enough to find it.

– E.G. Marshall, CBSRMT (1974)

Indeed, you were unlucky enough to find Wildomar Rap, and now there is no escape.

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