Thursday, June 22, 2017

• Coffee With Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez June 2017

The hardest working member of the California Assembly, our own Melissa Melendez, hosted one of her community coffees at The Corporate Room in Wildomar.
Part of her program is the Power to the People award that she presents to a member of the community that has done something outstanding. The man above has helped a WWII vet with day to day care and even to get new flooring and new roofing for his home. 

What I appreciate about her is that she is there for the people in her district. Not just those that might have voted for her, but all the citizens in her district.

She doesn't give speeches at her community coffees, she just gives an update and the format is very informal. People started chiming in with questions right away, and she was there to give answers, never looking to duck a topic.

This "legislative update" included conversations about bills she's introduced and where they are in the pipeline. 

One such bill was AB 27- Rape as a Violent Felony. Yes, it's hard to believe that this even needed to be brought before the legislature, but it was killed in Assembly Appropriations... again. Even though the cosponsor was a Dem.

The topic of California becoming a Sanctuary State came up, as did SB 1 and the effort to repeal it (that's the gas and car registration tax that will be adding a minimum of 12 cents per gallon in just another few months).

The scheme of universal healthcare for all Californians was batted around, and the attempts by the Democrats in Sacramento to protect embattled State Senator Josh Newman from a recall election (SB 96 - which has already passed).

Another topic that the audience enjoyed was AB 807 (Chu) which aimed at eliminating daylight savings time, not really a liberal v conservative issue, but it was recently killed too.
Nearly 100 people came to hear Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez speak.

Unless you're a unremitting partisan that can't play well with others, you're missing out if don't make your way to one of her community coffees. She usually holds them twice a month, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

We've been lucky to have her in Wildomar twice in the last couple of months, check out her website to get on her mailing list for future community coffees.

Her other contact information

Capitol Office
State Capitol, Suite #6031
Sacramento, CA 94249-0067
(916) 319-2067
(916) 319-2167 fax
Sam K. Spencer- Chief of Staff
Donda Scholl- Scheduler

Samantha Henson- Legislative Aide

41391 Kalmia Street, Suite #220
Murrieta, CA 92562
951-894-5053 fax
Deni Horne- District Director
Branden Webb- Field Representative

•          •          •

"My old grandmother always used to say, Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever."
– George R.R. Martin

Wildomar Rap had an old grandmother too, and she tried to warn against getting married before the age of 30... but did anyone listen to her sage advice? 


  1. Sorry I missed it. She is a great representative for California but she has a battle against her for just being a Republican. I for sure will be at the next one.

    1. She has done a great job for us. The Dems have tried to make her life hell up in Sacramento because she's outspoken about what they're doing up there.


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