Wednesday, July 12, 2017

• City Council Meeting July 2017

Super short meeting tonight. This one was about 45 minutes total, which included a couple of presentations. 

However, before the meeting was called to order, there was about 15 minutes set aside for Wildomar's 9th birthday. Donuts from Go-Nuts for all.
From left to right,  City Manager Gary Nordquist, Councilmembers Dustin Nigg, Ben Benoit, Bridgette Moore, Planning Commissioner Stan Smith, Marsha Swanson, Mayor Tim Walker and City Clerk Debbie Lee.

Deputy Robert Ochoa was recognized for his quick actions while off duty. He spotted a stolen vehicle that had been reported on social media earlier in the day.
Mayor Tim Walker and Deputy Robert Ochoa.
There is a short video of incoming EHS freshman Iliana Herrera who has already earned some scholarship money.

PUBLIC COMMENTS non agenda items
It was a short meeting, so it's going to be a short recap.
• Murrieta resident Pete Kee spoke about his continued opposition to the Camelia Townhouse Project. Suggesting they bring in more chairs when the item hits the council's agenda and even consider a PA system for an expected overflow crowd.
• Murrieta resident Tim Huizenga also spoke about his opposition to Camelia. 
• Glenn Miller, Senator Jeff Stone representative, congratulated the city on it's 9th year. Said that he and the Senator will attend the birthday celebration at Marna O'Brien park on Saturday.
• Ken Mayes mumbled something about being incompetent and damaged credibility.
• Trudy Curry discussed her continued opposition to the Camelia Townhouse project.
• Kathleen Hamblin added her opposition to high density, "I feel like a lot of the stuff isn't very transparent, as far as the planning goes" and also coined the phrase "suburban crawl".
• Ann Kiggins wanted some action on her neighbor's illegal growing habits.

That was really all to the meeting. There was one more item on the agenda that had to do with Waste Management. 

There was one public speaker and it was shown to her that the issue was between her, the property owner, and Waste Management. Though the council made sure that she left her contact info so that they could follow up later.

Happily one of Waste Management's reps was on hand and the start of a resolution had begun. She had inherited a piece of property that's been vacant. She didn't understand why she was being billed for trash service even if no one was there.

There are a lot of details like that in our lives, that many of us may not be up on... like that there is a General Plan Map and a Zoning Map in every California town. A person's ignorance to such things has no bearing on it being reality or not.

Same here with trash service. Until I started attending city meetings, I'd have also thought like the woman in question, never knowing that trash service is mandated to protect public health.

When you learn new things about what makes your local government tick, which 11 times out 10 such things are mandated by either the state or the county, it's best to say something like, "Ah shucks, I had no idea that the General Plan outranks the Zoning Map," instead of suggesting that the planning commission isn't "transparent".

If it doesn't seem transparent perhaps you're just being a tad opaque at the moment. 

Last on the list was a reminder that there is going to be a big birthday celebration at Marna O'Brien park this Saturday. Stop on by and listen to some great live music. 

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Things are seldom what they seem, Skim milk masquerades as cream.

– W. S. Gilbert, H.M.S. Pinafore

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  1. I think mandatory trash pickup for all properties is typical government overreach. Yes i understand the stated reasons for it however i disagree with those reasons. I think it creates poor customer service, higher prices and illogical situations like what you mention in your blog. A vacant property has to pay for trash pickup? Smh. That is just silly.

    1. I tend to agree with you. My guess is that the problem can be traced back to the few jerks that create a community health hazard, and the only way to efficiently deal with such things is to mandate that everyone participate. Though many would scoff, I can see similarities to the ObamaCare mandate. In my opinion, if someone doesn't want a product, they shouldn't be forced to purchase it... just be willing to face the consequences of your actions.


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