Wednesday, July 26, 2017

• First Responders Descend on Hartford Park

As the sun was setting sirens were blaring in the quiet neighborhood of Hartford Park, which is on the east side of the 15 freeway.

Many neighbors were out watching, smartphones in hand, as the action unfolded. One of the first officials on the scene was Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore. 

As it happened, she had been enjoying some music outdoors at Teakwoods. After the 4th fire truck went by on Clinton Keith, then turning north on George Ave, not to mention two ambulances, she couldn't resist the call of duty another moment and went to the scene... which was about a quarter mile away.
Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit and Bridgette Moore speak to Captain Griffith of station 75.

I asked Captain Griffith for a thumbnail sketch of the call, and how many units rolled out.
Initially three engines, truck 73, hazmat, county environmental health, and a battalion chief. It hasn't turned into a medical call, so there's no HIPAA [issues]. They felt a little dizzy and they wanted to make sure things were safe. So we came in [with] monitors, cleared the area to make sure things were safe.

Captain Jeff Griffith, Station 75

As quickly as they arrived, they made sure things were all well, and left. 

I appreciate the abundance of caution, but wonder how much a call like this will ding the city's budget for such things. 
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