Wednesday, September 20, 2017

• Wildomar Rotary 3rd Grade Literacy Program 2017

The Wildomar Rotary Club just completed its 6th annual distribution of dictionaries to the local third graders. 

The first school to get their dictionaries was Sycamore Academy. 
An eager student looks into her new dictionary.
Photo courtesy Sycamore Academy.
Their school has a unique feature where "barn doors" separate the classrooms, and the presentation and distribution was done in class.
As the dictionaries were being handed out.
Photo courtesy Sycamore Academy.
Smiling faces of some of the students. 
Photo courtesy Sycamore Academy.
The next school to get their dictionaries was Ronald Reagan Elementary.
Rotary members Stewart Moore and Paul Bakeman handout dictionaries
as the students file into the multipurpose room (also known as the MPR).
Rotarian Andy Morris addresses the third graders at Ronald Reagan Elementary.
Below is the video of the 11 minute presentation at William Collier Elementary (WCE).
Donald Graham Elementary was the next school to receive their dictionaries. 
I had the high honor of addressing the students at this presentation. Before dismissing the kids to return to their classrooms, I had them all hold up their new books for a photo. One was a super serious photo, the next one was the super silly photo.
Wildomar Elementary was the final school to get their dictionaries. I had so much fun talking to the kids earlier in the week that I asked to be able to get in a repeat performance; such an honor.
Happy faces all around.
The presentations consisted of telling the kids a bit about the Rotary Club. That we're part of a world wide service organization that has 1.2 million members. 

That locally we send high school juniors to a leadership camp (RYLA), we put on the yearly Bicycle Safety Event that is held at Marna O'Brien Park and the tradition of Breakfast With Santa at the fire station... to name just a few things.

The kids read the Rotary's 4 way test, which was affixed to the inside covers:

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
They then tested out their new dictionaries by looking up a word of their choice. Of all the words this year, I think I liked "twinge" the best. 

If you've ever wondered about the Rotary Club, what they're about or what they're up to, we meet for lunch on Thursdays at The Elks Lodge on Mission Trail at 11:45am... or just ask us if you see us at a local event.

We have a guest speaker each week, often from a local business or organization, and enjoy about an hour camaraderie.
•                •                •

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
– George Bernard Shaw

Wildomar Rap isn't about telling you what to think. It's about telling you what I think. 

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