Tuesday, October 17, 2017

• Upcoming Events Final Quarter 2017

So many times I've heard people say, "Oh my, I only wish I'd have known about (insert name of event here), I'd have loved to have gone."

Well, here's your chance to put several events on your calendar, before they happen this go round.

First up is the State of the City event. 

I've been to several of these, and though they are generally filled will fluffy happy talk, it's still good to get an assessment of where the city leaders think we stand. 

Tickets are free, but you need to get them ahead of time.
Here's the link to get tickets.
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Next up on the calendar is the inaugural showing of the Scary Dairy. It's a fundraising event from the Wildomar Rotary Club. 

This will be happening on Friday and Saturday evening, October 21st and 22nd.

It'll be at Wildomar's famous DeJong's Dairy. See the flyer for more details. 
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Sunday October 22nd there will be a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for shooting victim Chelsea Romo at the Elks Lodge in Wildomar. 

There is a big window from 3pm to 8pm to come out to be part of this fundraiser. Leave the cooking and cleaning to others as you help out a local family in need.
Spaghetti is the the international food of friendship. ☺
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On Saturday October 28th, at Marna O'Brien park will be the site of Wildomar's 4th annual Trunk or Treat event. This event has really grown into a terrific community event. 

Plan on coming before dark and visiting all the candy-passer-outers. Come dressed in an original or clever costume and enter one of the contests and you might go home with a prize.

If you'd like to be one of the official "vendors" see the flyer below for details. There is no cost to sign up. It's a great way for your business or organization to meet a large swath of the community. Bring a lot of candy with you, and think of a clever way to decorate your vehicle too.
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Community Clean Up Day

Not as much fun as the other things mentioned, but for some maybe just what they've been waiting for. If you've got junk, then bring it to one of the two designated areas. 

This will be happening on Saturday morning, November 4th.
Be sure to check the conditions in the flyer before heading out... you don't really want to dress your truck up like that of the Beverly Hillbillies just to learn you showed up at the wrong location... or to mistakenly bring things on the contraband list.

Also, you'll be needing to unload your own junk, so bring a crew with you.
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Other things to consider include:

Twin events, potluck at the VFW and a crafts fair the Elks Lodge on November 11th. The craft fair is starts at 10am and goes to about 2pm, whereas the potluck kicks off at 1pm. 

The annual Christmas Tree Lane held at the Elks Lodge, Saturday December 2nd. 

The annual Breakfast with Santa event that is held at Fire Station 61, on Gruwell St. 

There is no flyer made yet, but it's not too early for you to block out part of that morning to be part of one of Wildomar's most endearing and anticipated happenings.

• CERT reunion dinner, Thursday December 28th (other details to follow as we get nearer). There are many CERT alumni, but probably have lost contact after our classes were completed. 

As we've seen repeatedly this year, emergencies happen all the time, and seldom with much notice. If you've taken the CERT classes, it would be a good chance to reconnect over dinner... no cribbing on the menu. ☺

Come on out to one —or all of— these events and get a sampling of the Wildomar community in action. See you there.
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We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
– William Shakespeare

To Wildomar Rap or not to Wildomar Rap, that is the question. Nobility of suffering in the mind notwithstanding.


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