Sunday, December 3, 2017

• Busy Saturday in Wildomar

Everyday can be busy, but Saturday, December 2nd, was a notch above usual. Not counting the break-in at the American Legion (Link to blog about it here), there were other things going on too. 
In addition to the fire fighters, Scott Rux (blue tank), Mama Rux to his left,
Shirley Moreno and her daughter, Miss Teen Wildomar Daisy and Bridgette Moore.
There was a picnic at Windsong Park, put on by Scott Rux and other locals, as a thank you to the local fire fighters (especially considering the recent "Wildomar Fire".
Picking the winners.
Then there was the 19th annual Christmas Tree Lane held at the Elks Lodge. This is a much anticipate yearly event where the money raised goes to scholarships.
A large crowd checked their numbers.
There were 9 trees this year and a packed house eager to see who won. The proceeds go towards scholarships for local youths.

When I bought my tickets, I made the money taker promise that I would NOT win before I made my purchase.

Seriously, I was just happy to contribute, plus I have no way of carting off any winnings if I were so lucky to be in such a position anyway.
Larry Ryan keeps watch as others check their tickets.
While all that was going on, the last of the Brown House was being put into a dustbin. I've been pretty harsh about the Brown House over the years (justifiably so according to the venerable Stan Smith), but I can acknowledge its importance to others. Sorry things didn't work out as you'd hoped. 
Still on the agenda for 2017 is Breakfast With Santa at the fire station. This will be Saturday morning, December 16th, from 7:30am to 11:00am. It's a great event whether you have kids or not. Mark it on you calendars now! 
This is too fun to miss. Mark it on you calendars NOW! ☺
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If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance.
– George Bernard Shaw 

Wildomar Rap advises that you ground all skeletons to powder that refuse to learn how to dance.

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