Tuesday, January 30, 2018

• Grand Avenue Multipurpose Trails Update

If you've been driving on Grand Avenue anytime in the last couple of months you've been noticing some work being done on the west side of the road. 

It's the emergence of the long touted multi-purpose trail that the city has been working on for years now. 
Heading south on Grand, not far from Corydon.
This was first mentioned in Wildomar Rap back in December of 2013 when I shared a Press Enterprise article about it (link to blog)Back then it was mostly about the bike lanes, and not a multi-purpose trail.
Heading south on Grand, not far from Corydon... from about 20 feet in the air.
This blog is chiefly of the photos I took on January 29th, as the construction was about half finished. Interwoven are thoughts on the progress of the project by Assistant City Manager Dan York.
Looking northeasterly towards the strip mall at the corner of Corydon and Grand.
There are about two dozen photos, and some may appear a bit repetitive. Don't worry, there won't be a test later, so you can just buzz through the ones that don't interest you. ☺
Across from Bryant Street.
"The project is really going well.  The contractor started the heavy work on the Phase II Section coming down from Corydon.  We should see him shortly string the rope for the lodge pine fence and install the bridge crossing."
Across from Bryant Street.
"The city secured multiple funding sources to deliver this project."
Just south of Sheila Lane.
"Each fund source has different criteria for reporting and for approval to proceed with each step of the process."

South of Sheila Lane, standing in the southbound lane looking north.

"So even though it seems certain steps took a while, that was only because we had to coordinate the different fund sources with the different entities."
Workers ready the DG path at the corner of Grand and Owen.
Across from Celeste Way looking south.
Just north of Wilson Street.
South of Sheila Lane looking south.
Just north of Victory Circle.

North of Gruwell Street.
Just north of Gruwell Street.
Just north of Gruwell Street looking south.
Near Gruwell Street.
Just north of David A. Brown Middle School.
Just north of David A. Brown Middle School. Same location as above, just from a different vantage point.

"He (the contractor) has started the initial grading on Phase I.  There were more private property and utility relocation impacts in this section."
Just south of David A. Brown Middle School.

"So for the coming weeks on this section will be grading, and relocation of private amenities and utilities."
Just south of David A. Brown Middle School from about 35 feet in the air.
"The paving portion for the bike lanes is lagging a bit for a few reasons. Primarily because we have multiple contractors in the area we like staggering them a bit."
North of Rudolph Lane looking south.
"You should see the shoulder grading work for the bike lane paving in the coming weeks."
North of Rudolph Lane.
"Because there were so many private encroachments into the public right of way, including service laterals, a significant amount of effort was required to work with each property owner."
South of Rudolph Lane looking south.
There aren't any firm dates for completion yet, but Dan expects it to be in the late March/early April time frame. Once it's complete, expect the city to have a ribbon cutting and mini celebration to commemorate it. 

While putting these images together I was consulting Google Maps to get an idea where some of the locations were. Even without the project completed, it's amazing how much nicer Grand Avenue is beginning to look. 

If you're doubtful, click this link to get a street view look for yourself.

Once this project is all nailed down, and the ribbon cutting ceremony is in the books, I'll post pictures of the completed multi-purpose trail. Next time I'll try to keep it to less than a baker's dozen. ☺

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It's sort of like eating a bag of chips. You know it's never going to make you full and at the end you're sick, but you want to go back for more.
– Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia aka, Rob McElhenney.

Wildomar Rap is even worse than eating a bag of chips. You know you're not going to agree with most of it, and at the end you're sick, but there you are, reading it again and again.

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