Thursday, February 8, 2018

• Construction on Palomar

You may have noticed some work on Palomar. EVMWD is making improvements to the water supply (see map below).
Looking at Palomar just north of Wesley. Taken from about 40 feet in the air.
It was mentioned in an EVMWD October 2017 newsletter... but how many of us actually read through those?

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District’s (EVMWD’s) Near Term Water Supply Program is designed to expedite several water supply projects that will ultimately provide a local, sustainable water supply for our growing region. 

The Palomar Wells and Flushing Pipelines Project consists of three different projects that are expected to begin in January 2018 and last approximately 16 months

Located in the City of Wildomar, the Palomar Well and Flushing Pipelines Project involves the following components (see map below):
An enhanced version of the map that was in the newsletter.
WHAT: Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) will begin pipeline construction in mid/late January 2018 on Palomar Street in the City of Wildomar as part of the Palomar Well and Flushing Pipelines Project. The first phase of this project involves construction of: 
1,955 linear feet of new 8” sewer main 
 2,620 linear feet of new pump to waste pipeline 
 170 linear feet of new potable (drinkable) water main
 Abandonment of four private septic tanks 

During construction, lane restrictions will be necessary in order to ensure the safety of motorists and our construction crews. Nearby residents, businesses and motorists can expect the following: 
 Construction hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday 
 Increased truck and/or equipment traffic 
 Traffic control and minor traffic delays 
 Noise, dust, vibrations, odors
From the October 2017 newsletter.
WHERE: The pipeline construction will take place on Palomar St. from just south of Como St. to Wesley St. and on Wesley St. from Palomar St. to Union St. 
You can see a man working in a piece of heavy equipment near the corner of Palomar and Wesley.
WHEN: Construction crews are expected to begin mobilizing to the area the week of January 22, 2018. 

• The first pipeline phase of the project is anticipated to last until July 2018. 
• The second phase of the project will then involve constructing and equipping a new water well near Timothy Lane. 
• The entire project is anticipated to be completed by late 2019.
Work crews getting after it.
WHY: Construction is part of EVMWD’s Near Term Water Supply Program to expedite several water supply projects for our growing region. 

There was a community meeting about this, but you had to actually read the newsletter to get wind of it. Oops!
It's hard to blame my buddies, George Cambero and Andy Morris, for not informing me of the meeting since it was mentioned last year in the newsletter.  I guess it's on me for chucking Elsinore Eddie's missives into the trash without perusing them first. ☺
Looking to the east on Wesley St.
Below is a 2 minute panoramic drone video of the area.

Here's a close up look at the pipes that will be installed.
To give you an idea of their size, I set the drone atop.
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