Saturday, March 24, 2018

• Eggstravaganza 2018

It was somewhat chilly at the start of Wildomar's annual Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt, probably about 55 degrees when the first group of kids (ages 0 to 3) started picking up the plastic, goody filled eggs.
Mayor Ben Benoit isn't checking his watch because he was bored, just counting down the minutes before the next group of kids were to descend onto the field of eggs.
The pregame strategy session.
Casting her gaze upon her heart's desire.
No pressure here, plenty of time to choose which egg was best.
There were four different age groups and each had an early and a late start time, two for each group.
                                         •  0-3
                                         •  4-5
                                         •  6-8
                                         •  9 and up
Someone was caught looking at my camera, as another photographer snapped some reverse angle photos.
This young baseball player had a winning technique with her hat as a substitute basket.
In addition to the egg hunts, there were other things for the kids to do also. Bouncy house, pictures with the Easter Bunny, face painting, an art station, and a "pop up" workshop of the future park site. Seeking community input about how they'd like to see it designed.
Fun at a craft table.
My favorite photo of the day. 
Assistant City Manager Dan York shows people the various options planned for the new park.
Girl Scout Troop 2399 hosted an ADA egg hunt. It was part of a Silver Award project, where they designed and built several ways for special needs children to participate in the fun.
Troop 2399 hosts an ADA egg hunt. One tub has the eggs hidden in Easter grass, another among pom poms, and the last one (as pictured) in rice.
The games the girls created can be used year after year, and they made extras of each too... just to be sure. ☺☻

They already have next year penciled in to host the ADA egg hunt. 
Find the matching eggs.
These can be used for more than just Easter events. They can swap out the eggs for other items for other park events.
These eggs emit sound for the visually impaired.
Four of the five key girl scouts responsible for the ADA egg hunt, I was told that they are cadets. Left to right... Raylah F, Hailey C, Sarah H and Kaydee L. Not pictured is Sydney, she was on a school trip.
In total there were 16,000 plastic eggs. I think each child went home with between 50 and 200 apiece. 

One new grandma posted about how much fun she had bringing her young granddaughter to the event: 

"It was so much fun! My granddaughter absolutely had a blast. People were so friendly. I have not been to an egg hunt in years because my child is an adult. This was a wonderful and respectful event. I was so worried kids would be mean and she would not want anything else to do with these events. She is 1 and a half and she had the best morning ever! Of course we stopped by the dairy for chocolate milk and a peak at the animals on the way home lol".
•                •                •

Everyone is a genius at least once a year; a real genius has his original ideas closer together.
– Georg Lichtenberg 

Well, looks like you can scratch Wildomar Rap from that latter group.

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