Thursday, March 1, 2018

• Elsinore High School Students Wow 'Em at Rotary Music Competition

Wildomar Rotary held their annual music competition at Elsinore High School on a chilly February 28th evening in the band room.
A shot of the winners after the competition was over. From my notes, left to right, Host/Emcee Judy Gugliemana, Joseph Armato, Taylor Jubala, Elijah Cineas, Taima Bati, Stephanie Aranas, Bryce Altevers and Ranen Unger Hicks.
There were fifteen students that entered. Of that number, four played instruments and eleven were vocalists.
Heather Wenger, Elijah Cineas and Stephanie Aranas in mid performance.
Such talent! 

Such a smashing job they all did. It wasn't easy for the judges to choose, but that's why they're paid the big bucks... or at least an extra pint of DeJong's chocolate milk, which was provided as refreshment to those in attendance. ☺
The four judges sat in the back of the room, jotting down notes, and scoring the contestants on different aspects of their performance. Their score sheets were then taken to another judge to be tallied up.
In the end, pianist Ranen Unger Hicks earned the top prize with his playing of a Rachmaninoff piece. 

That earned him $100 and a trip to the next round of the competition to be held March 17, at the Frederick Loewe Performance Hall at the University of Redlands.
An all around great performance by Ranen Unger Hicks.
In the vocal division top contestants were:
•  1st, Elijah Cineas 
•  2nd, Taylor Jubala
•  3rd, Joseph Armato

They split the $200 prize money and will be next competing at the University of Redlands on March 10th.

Due to the small number of entrants in the piano and instrumental categories, they were combined. The top honor for instrumental went to Bryce Altervers. 

All participants received medals for their effort.

If you're a student at EHS, and are serious about your music, it's never too early to start getting ready for next year.

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