Monday, March 26, 2018

• Walmart Suit Denied By California Supreme Court

It was learned today that the case against the Wildomar Walmart has been denied a hearing by the California Supreme Court.

The attached notice from the California Supreme Court says that they will not accept the appeal. Also, the Court of Appeal's opinion that was a published opinion will remain the published opinion.

There are now no more appeals left through the state court system.
The red arrow points to the decree, "the petition for review is denied."
I reached out to Mayor Ben Benoit for his thoughts on the matter and he said:
• It's a huge win for the city of Wildomar and now it's only a matter of time before Walmart turns dirt. Once they turn dirt, inside of a year [they'll be opened]. It's just a question of when do they want to start.

• A secondary story in this case is about the attorney behind the lawsuit. He's a known goofball in San Diego, and has done these kinds of lawsuits so much that about five other groups joined in a amicus brief to the Wildomar case, to make sure this case got published. Just so everybody knew he lost this case and how.

The how was that he could not find a single person to say that they were the person of interest in this case. 
The unfortunate part of this silly case is that it has cost the people of Wildomar many years in the process.

I asked if the improvements on Bundy Canyon, near the freeway, were waiting on Walmart, and the answer came back as an affirmative. Once they start the building process, they've been conditioned to have all the road improvements in before they can open for business.

Though Walmart famously touts it's about 360 days from groundbreaking to doors opening, the final site and building plans could take a year after they begin the process in earnest. So if they were to go to the planning department this week, it would be about two years before they'd be opened.

For an example, in Lake Elsinore, near the Costco, they are building a Super Walmart too. They approached that city a couple of months ago, indicating that they'd like to be opened for business by December of 2020.

For a more detailed blog about the Walmart plaintiff (December 2017), click this link.

For a reminder, the Super Walmart will be over 170,000sf of retail space. They are conditioned to have all the road improvements completed before being allowed to open their doors for business.

This graphic was in a WR Blog from January 2015. If you enlarge it, you'll be able to see the signal lights at Sellers and Monte Vista.
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  1. Such good news. I live off Bundy Canyon and the road is about to crumble into rubble.

    1. It is in serious need of being fixed. Both widening and repaving.


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