Tuesday, May 1, 2018

• Bundy Canyon Community Meeting

The most recent community meeting regarding the forthcoming upgrades to Bundy Canyon Road was well attended, but still somewhat of a let down, at least compared to the hour long meeting at The Farm two weeks ago. 
A resident takes in phase II, which is near The Farm.
At that meeting there were presentations from developers and the city along with plenty of questions and answers from the audience. 
Before the meeting began, residents concerned about a raised median, that seem to impede their ability to exit their housing tract to the west, were looking at the display maps.
Tonight's meeting, which was opened to all residents in the city, lasted about nine minutes. Or at least the presentation portion lasted that long, but without many of the key details or traditional questions from the audience. 
No microphones were used, which is always a treat, as the short welcome was delivered. Full video below.
Instead, after a brief presentation hosted by Assistant City Manager Dan York, people were released to the back of the room (similarly to how the recent parks visioning meetings went). That's where they asked their questions individually. 

If you watch the video, you'll see that when Dan York says, "Break" indicating that the presentation was over, it took more than 10 seconds for the audience to grasp that that was all there was going to be.
The crowded display area during question and answer time.
The problem with that is that it got louder than the VFW on steak night in the tiled portion of the council chambers, and if one person asked a question, there was little chance that others would hear the answers. 

There was a lot of concern over the raised median that will impede west bound egress from Oak Canyon Drive and Walnut Creek Drive. 
The key concern of many that were in attendance.
From the current map, that is said to be between 95 and 100% done, it appears that they will all have to turn east on Bundy Canyon, even if they want to head west.
Assistant City Manager Dan York tries to speak to twenty people at once
What I heard over the noise, more than once, from Assistant City Manager Dan York while addressing the residents that use those two roads was, "We can't fix that tonight, but we've taken note [of your concerns]." 
When phase I and phase II are completed, there will be a total of six new traffic signals, for a total of seven, between the freeway and the city line with Menifee.
This project is still reliant upon last year's gas tax increase, which is looking like it could very well be on the November ballot to be repealed. If SB1 gets repealed, all bets are off when it comes to Bundy Canyon Road improvements. 

If SB1 doesn't get repealed, construction is set to start in the Summer of 2019.

There really isn't more to share from this meeting. For more details, please see the previous blog on the topic at this LINK.
A look at the proposed bike lanes, that will be safely away from the traffic lanes.
Below is the complete video of the presentation. I apologize for the weak sound quality, I positioned my camera in the back of the room, and the city opted to not use microphones. Also, the camera work is a bit dodgy too.

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  1. Thanks for this. I live off Bundy Canyon Road at Greenwood. Buddy is a nightmare to drive. sorry it's going to be a couple of years (probably more like 5) before it's all fixed but glad it's finally moving forward. If the gas tax comes up for vote, I'll be voting to keep it.

    1. I think you're right... probably more like five years if we count Menifee's side of the road to the 215. Last I heard, they are [at least] two years behind us.

      As much as I hate SB1 and how it was passed, I have to ask myself if I want bad roads or not. There is no other way around it in our state. If it comes to the ballot, and we kill that tax, our roads will get worse, not better.


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