Monday, May 28, 2018

• Memorial Day 2018

The yearly Memorial Day Service at the Wildomar Cemetery saw about 100 to 130  people come out to honor the servicemen and women that have fallen as they fought to preserve the American way of life.
An American flag in each hand.
Master of ceremony was VFW 1508 Post Commander Steve Regalado. He introduced Mayor Ben Benoit who spoke of his grandfathers that fought in WWII as he welcomed the crowd.
Mayor Benoit addressing the crowd. In the background is Commander Regalado. 
The opening prayer was said by VFW Chaplain Lt. Scott Burris followed by the presentation of colors by the Boy Scout Troop 332.
Some young patriots pose for a picture.
For the second year in a row, the national anthem was sung by Miss City of Wildomar Jessie Taylor.
Jessie Taylor singing the National Anthem.
Ssgt. Aaron Hill, USMC, delivered a touching message about about the importance of Memorial Day and shared stories of Lance Corporal Peter Clore who stood 5'4" and weighed 130 pounds.  

Peter worked with a bomb sniffing dog and would clear the buildings before allowing others to enter. He lost his life defending his squad with his service rifle in 2011, and the rest of the team survived due to the heroic actions of the 22 year old dog handler that put his life in peril so that he could save others.

He also spoke of how two weeks later he heard of his younger brother Jason's death in Iraq, which occured 12 miles from where Aaron was stationed. 

Both stories are in the video below.
Staff Sergeant Aaron Hill  giving the Memorial Day Message.
The names of all the veterans buried in Wildomar cemetery were read, with the recognition that only one servicemen buried there was killed in action, Justin Hunt, 2004, Iraq.

Before the closing prayer by Cornerstone pastor Tyler Moore, there was a "placing of the wreath" done by two local children. The ceremony was concluded with the playing of taps. 

The entire ceremony is in the video below. (Be forewarned, there is some wind interference that plays with the audio at times)

Read up on the candidate for city council by clicking this link.
Later in the day, over at the VFW, there was a ceremony for Dave Arthur. Nicknamed "Mr VFW" he's given the credit for making Post 1508 what it is today. 

The memorial plaque was an Eagle Scout project by Morgan Donovan of Troop 2011. He's due to be honored at a coming city council meeting.

Below is the 14 minute video, which includes comments from Dave's widow Hazel, a few testimonials and the unveiling. If you watch the video, understand that no microphones were used, and Hazel wasn't very loud... plus there was wind, but I was able to rehab the audio a bit so that she's a bit more audible here than at the actual event.
•                •                •

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them."
– John F. Kennedy

Wildomar Rap is in awe of those that have served our nation in a time of war, and immeasurably more so to those that lost their lives protecting my freedoms. Thank you.

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