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• New Local Park Nearly Complete

In this blog you'll learn two new things about Wildomar... unless you're an oldtimer that has had an ear to the rails since your first day here that is.

Fun fact number one:
Wildomar's boundaries stretch all the way to Malaga Rd. The same road that leads to The Diamond where the Storm baseball team plays. Though there are issues with addresses/zip codes suggesting that it's Lake Elsinore, it's indeed in W'Mar.
Not easy to see in this photo (especially on a phone) but here is a look at Malaga Park from the opposite corner.
Fun fact number two:
There is a street in Wildomar named Wildomar Road, and it's at the corner of Malaga where the new park is. It's in the part of town known as Sedco. 

If you liked the story behind Wildomar's name, you'll be equally as jazzed up about Sedco...  or not.
Malaga Park as seen from the east side of Wildomar Road.
City Councilmember Marsha Swanson was telling me that she, and former Councilmember Scott Farnam, were trying to get the County to deed over this land from day one of the city's existence.
A nice structure that would look great with some vines growing on it to give some additional shade on a hot Summer afternoon. Wisteria would work nicely there.  ☺
When the Diamond 8 Cinemas were built on the Lake Elsinore side of the street, the county widened Malaga to put in a turn lane at Mission Trail. That took a big chunk out of the existing corner lots.
Looking east up the DG trail.
Swanson wanted that corner cleaned up, it's the northern cityline with Lake Elsinore, and the best way to keep it looking good was to have it under local control. When it was under the county's control, it was often choked with weeds. 
A look down memory lane in its pre park condition.
I have to be honest here, I didn't share the vision of this corner becoming anything more than it already was. 
Another throwback photo to show you what people used to see as they entered Wildomar.
Since the street widening abbreviated the existing lot sizes, it wasn't too likely, in my estimation, that any upgrading was going to occur there. Hats off to those that could visualize the improvements and made it happen.
There is a nice DG path, that goes to the corner and south down Mission Trail.
The structure directly to the south of the new park on Wildomar Road started off as a house, then became a real estate office, before winding up as the doctor's office it is today.
The empty lot behind the chain link fence belongs to the doctor, and there are no plans for development at this time. 
The park's official dedication/ribbon cutting is slated to be sometime in August. There are still aspects of the park that are being honed and aren't ready for prime time just yet.
Another angle of the shade structure at the new park.
The park has a terrific view of the hills to the west, and once the trees and other vegetation grows in, it's really going to be rather fetching. 
The board in the middle of the shot seems to be a temporary "employee's rights" sign.
The signage isn't complete yet. Currently it's only visible as you're driving north on Mission Trail. When it's complete, it'll have both sides covered and signs from local service organizations too.
Though the W emblazoned sign is on Mission Trail, and that will be what welcomes people driving south from Lake Elsinore, the bulk of the park is around the corner on Malaga.
Indeed it's not the type of park that will host city events, or see ball games played at, but it will be a nice destination for locals to walk to with their kids or dogs; a "little local park" as Councilmember Swanson described it. 

I wonder if there is room for a Free Little Library there too?☺

Where the paths meet up.
I was told that the project went a bit over budget, something to do with needing to run a powerline for the sprinklers since current tech with solar wasn't going to get the job done; it'll be discussed at the next city council meeting.
A large chunk of the money came from the county, the city's portion of the money came from CDBG funds. Link to blog discussing it: LINK

I've been talking about the need of a city issued newsletter in my campaign for city council, along with the need for quarterly town hall meetings. We all know that the city has been stretched thin when it comes to manpower, and if I get elected I'll be able to take the lead in both of those endeavors. 
Click image to visit the website.
Such a newsletter would have discussed Malaga Park each step along the process, and it would also have been a potential topic at town hall meetings too. I think the city has been run pretty good considering the past budget restrictions, but there is always room for improvement. ☺

•                •                •

Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so.

– Bertrand Russell 

Wildomar Rap is still kicking... make of it what you will.

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  1. Thank you for the clean up of the city, it does look good. We the people will also like to see other clean ups of this city for our property values can rise and get rid of the non wanted roaming around the city. More side walks and or trails like walking paths will be a great add on to this city also giving building homes an upgraded face lift street appeal would be awesome. We bought in this area 2 years ago we prayed for the city not to throw this part of the city on the back burner which it has been for some decade hope more change is on the way Thank You


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