Thursday, July 26, 2018

• RivCo DA Speaks in Wildomar

Riverside DA, Mike Hestrin spoke for about 40 minutes at the Wildomar Rotary Club. He took a dozen or so questions and then stayed after for anyone on one that people wanted to engage in. 
Riverside County DA Mike Hestrin at the July 26th Wildomar Rotary Club meeting.
The DA spoke about a couple of task forces he's put into operation, Gang Impact Team and the Cannabis Regulation Task Force. 

There have been a couple high profile raids in the county using the Gang Impact Team. One out in Coachella and the other in Hemet (from the powerpoint, there seemed to be a lot of arrests and a lot of confiscated guns... enough to help a small country overthrow their leader)

He was telling us that another one was in the works, but he couldn't elaborate... I guess he thinks the bad guys read Wildomar Rap or something. ☺

The Cannabis Regulation Task Force deals with more technical aspects of the law when it comes to cannabis. Now that it's legal in the state, there are laws that have to be followed. Including environmental laws that are often ignored by illegal growers, where they use and then dump pesticides, often stealing water or electricity. Then there are the illegal pot shops that show up out of nowhere.
Quote of the day

"You wanted it legal, congratulations, it's legal. Now you have to follow the law."
— RivCo DA Mike Hestrin
I asked about a new law that I'd recently heard about, but didn't think it could possibly be real... but it is real!

It's known as AB 1810, which has been labeled by some as a rush job bill backed by the governor (according to many sources, including the San Diego Union-Tribune)
"Now, in the worst example of rushed reform yet, Gov. Jerry Brown this week signed into law Assembly Bill 1810 — a budget “trailer bill” with no credited author that takes effect immediately. It includes a provision that appears to allow defendants charged with any crime to get the charges put on hold and perhaps eventually dismissed if they can persuade a judge that the offense resulted from a mental disorder that a mental health expert says is treatable."

Please follow the link above to read the entire Op-Ed.
The idea that any criminal, much less a serious offender such as a murderer or a rapist, could claim their actions were due to a mental disorder, which could include something as common as depression, and then avoid the judicial system, is appalling. Let's hope this one gets overturned before any lasting damage can be done.
Use this link to visit the Wildomar Rap facebook page.

The added bonus was the last minute change to the DA's plans... he landed babysitting duties as his wife was needed elsewhere. His two-year-old son didn't make a peep, as he was content to wear his fireman's helmet, play with dinosaur toys and draw with crayons. Kudos to this little tykes parents, they're doing something right.☺

Last week's guest speaker was State Senator Jeff Stone, and in the past six months, Sheriff Stan Sniff and Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez have spoken to the club too.
State Senator Jeff Stone addressing the Wildomar Rotary Club, July 2018.
Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff, April 2018.
State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, November 2017.
I didn't really plan on this being a free advert for the Wildomar Rotary Club, but as long as I'm this far into it... the club meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, at noon, at the Elks Lodge on Mission Trail. 

For those that can't meet in the day, there is one evening meeting per month. The location is Pie Nation, and it's held on the third Thursday, meeting starts at 6:30, but it's suggested that you get their earlier than that if you're going to be ordering food. (If you haven't been into Pie Nation recently, they've expanded the restaurant into the adjoining unit, there's plenty of seating.)

There is no charge to attend, and there are no obligations to join. The Club's website can be found at this link, where you'll find write-ups of recent meetings.

There is also a club facebook page. You can check it out to see who the coming speaker(s) will be, and other updates around town: LINK

For those that don't know what the Rotary Club is about, we're a service organization with over 1.2 million members worldwide. Rotary International was established in 1905 and the Wildomar club was established in 2009. For more information about Rotary's mission, visit the Rotary International website: LINK
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"You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty."
– Sacha Guitry

Wildomar Rap once pretended to speak Italian and is now married to a Sicilian. Caveat Emptor ☺

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