Saturday, October 20, 2018

• Scary Dairy 2018

If you missed the Friday night Scary Dairy event you don't have to wait another year to experience it... there will be an encore performance (so to speak) tonight, Saturday, October 20th.
The cast of characters before the haunting began.
This blog will be a photo recap to encourage you to bring your families out to DeJong's Dairy for a night of fright and fun. Tickets are $5 per person, and you can re enter the maze as often as you like. There is also a kids area for those that aren't up to the scary maze, along with a bouncy house and other activities.

If you bring a non perishable food item for HOPE, you'll receive a free order of popcorn.

The dairy store closes at 8pm, so if you're coming to the maze, be sure to enter from the Mission Trail and Bundy Canyon intersection. Yes, it's normally a three way light, but you'll be able to enter the parking area from there. Just look for the signs.
This sign leads the way to the parking lot. Please DON'T use the Corydon entrance to the dairy. The gates close at 8pm when the dairy store closes.

One view of the kids ares.

Mugging for the camera(s).
Families having a great Autumn night out.
Hitting the bullseye.
Fun awaits around every corner.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin.
Never a dull moment.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin.
Don't worry, it's only very scary.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin.
Is she cute or is she frightening, you decide.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin.
Flash photography reveals things that the unaided eye doesn't.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin.
At about 8pm.
This is a Wildomar Rotary Club fundraising event. The money raised goes toward service projects in the community including RYLA (a campout for high school juniors) and PRYDE (a similar campout for middleschoolers).

Hope to see you there!
Joseph Morabito takes a selfie with "selfie cat".
Ok, it wasn't actually known as "selfie cat" until now, but I think it's a cool name... certainly cooler than my lame non-costume costume. ☺

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