Saturday, October 13, 2018

• Various and Sundry Things: Volume 8

Six things for a rainy Saturday... no picture, but I stopped by The Finch restaurant, and they are going to be opened any day now.
Let's start with a visit to Wildomar Marketplace. The event was at Marna O'Brien park and they got a couple of hours in before the weather interfered.
The first hour of the event.
After all their efforts to have this event happen, and stay within the city codes, it ended up raining. I arrived a little before 10am and it was still dry. There were fewer vendors than promised because of the thunder showers the night before. 
Even the threat of rain couldn't deter these shoppers.☺
A few sparse raindrops started to fall here and there but didn't amount to much... yet it didn't let up, and eventually everything was wet. 
At this point, the rain was getting to be more than could be tolerated.
Their last event date had to be cancelled due to the Holy Fire in Lake Elsinore. The next scheduled date for Wildomar Marketplace will be in December and held at the Elks Lodge.

Heavy equipment activity on the parcel east of Monte Vista and South of Bundy Canyon got many of the local facebook pages into gear this week... mostly with inaccurate info.
Looking east from Monte Vista.
To combat the various guesses about the activity, City Councilmember Bridgette Moore went live on facebook with an update letting people know that the activity was being done by Riverside County Flood Control in preparation for rain in the burn areas of Lake Elsinore.
Live on the scene on October 7th giving details of the heavy equipment activity.
Use this link to see the update. (This isn't on an official city page, so if you're not connected with her on facebook, it may not be visible.) 

Though the official city facebook page is still in the tinkering stage, you can always go to it and like/follow it now. That way, when it launches, you'll already be there.

Use this link
Wildomar City facebook page

New Bus Shelter at the corner of Central and Palomar. The project, including the new curb and gutter, was paid for by RTA.
Now passengers will have a safe place to wait for the bus.
During early construction on September 26th.
As it looked on September 28th.
It's definitely political sign season.
Traveling east on Central before it changes to Baxter.
I saw my first series of signs supporting Wildomar's Measure AA today. In the lower right hand corner it reveals that the signs were paid for by MWCOC (Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce). 

I didn't drive through the whole city, but I saw at least a dozen signs on the Central/Baxter/Monte Vista/Bundy Canyon/Mission Trail/Palomar loop. Someone was a busy bee last night.

On November 6th, the voters will decide whether or not to charge an additional penny per dollar sales tax increase in town.

In the next photo you can see a sign that is against Measure AA. It's almost a "where's Waldo" moment trying to find it. My prediction is that the final vote will be 65% to 35% in favor. 
(hint: I'm in favor of it)

Even more campaign signs. 
The northeast corner of Gruwell and Palomar. Though it may go nowhere, if elected Joseph Morabito has pledged to bring up a future agenda item of temporary sign regulations. This kind of visual noise has to be controllable. I don't see it in other areas I travel in.
At least the City Council candidates only have one banner each in the above photo. 

In the race to plaster every last square inch with junky signs, McBride is the easy winner, with Bianco coming in a not too distant second. Though George Cambero has earned honorable mention with a flurry of additional signs over the last couple of weeks. (I love ya George, but even you hate all those signs)

I have it on good authority that candidate Joseph Morabito has promised to have his signs down BEFORE the end of election day. The rules allow up to ten days after to remove them, but why even wait that long? 

If you need to campaign after 3pm on election day, you might have made a miscalculation or two along the way.

A "The SWAG" Fundraiser will be at The Corporate Room (link to map). The cost is $35 and you're supposed to show up in a costume. If you don't have a costume, and you're coming as a couple, dress as your partner and see if that'll work. ☺
I'm putting the final touches on a blog about The SWAG (Social Worker Action Group). Until it gets uploaded (hopefully tomorrow), know that they are a nonprofit that is working with the City of Wildomar to address the issues of homelessness in town.
Now for a just because it's funny photo.
Located at the Baxter-Central curve.
If you're in the market for a rain tested washer and dryer, it'll only set you back a C-Note. They've been on display at this site for the better part of a week. 

Maybe the salesman hasn't been near the phone or something, because I can't imagine how this steal of a deal has been overlooked by so many passersby at this killer location.
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In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You can't get much simpler than Wildomar Rap.

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