Wednesday, November 7, 2018

• Planning Commission Meeting November 2018

Very little transpired at the November planning commission meeting. 

There was a compelling public comment about a voter being disenfranchised on election day (see the video), a zoning amendment involving craft fairs/open air markets, and four EOTs (Extension of Time) for projects that were approved in the past. One was approved way back in 2005 when the city of Wildomar was still just a gleam in the eye of the WIN committee.

In brief, the quick rundown on the projects include:

   •  Rancon medical/retail center (96,000sf) on Clinton Keith and Elizabeth Lane (3 years, until October of 2021). 
   •  Elm Street subdivision (3 year extension)
   •  Beazer homes, McVicar and Grand, 170 units. Approved in 2005, (looking for extensions through 2021.) 
   •  Villa Siena, 170 apartment units at Elizabeth Lane and Prelippe (3 year extension)

Wildomar Rap opinion time

Never having been in the developing business, I simply don't understand how delaying a project for years helps. 
The meeting was over in under 30 minutes. The video is below. 
Publisher's Note:
As some of you know, the writer of Wildomar Rap (Joseph Morabito) won a seat on the city council yesterday. Detailed blogs about Planning Commission and City Council meetings are being phased out. I'll still endeavor to get the details out, but not in the same manner traditionally seen in Wildomar Rap. 
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“For the want of a nail the shoe was lost, for the want of a shoe the horse was lost, for the want of a horse the rider was lost, for the want of a rider the battle was lost, for the want of a battle the kingdom was lost... and all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Thankfully, Wildomar Rap doesn't use nails in shoes in the first place... so nothing has been lost.

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  1. Joseph: Re your comment: Never having been in the developing business, I simply don't understand how delaying a project for years helps.

    There are a number of reasons developers ask for an extension. The best way to find out what that is, if it's not explained at the meeting, is to talk to developers directly.

    As far as the Beazer project being extended ad infinitum, that was not allowed by the County of Riverside. They limited time extensions. By the time Beazer decides to build, their original project will likely be outdated.

    Sheryl Ade

  2. Joseph: Were you at this meeting??? I watched the video and each applicant did explain the reason for their extension!

    Sheryl Ade

    1. Sheryl,
      I heard their reasonings, my comment was just that my limited understanding (from their point of view) doesn't compute putting things off for so many years. My business experience is completing projects (and getting paid) then moving to the next project. Of course my business (video production) is a whole different ball of wax that comes with completely different timelines to complete projects.


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