Saturday, February 2, 2019

• Various and Sundry Things: Volume 10

Just a few items.
1) I'm happy to announce that the city of Wildomar has activated it's official facebook page. 
Click to go to the city of Wildomar facebook page.
It's a place that you'll be getting updates about things going on in the city. City events and other topical issues. I invite you to click the image below and "like" or "follow" the page if you are a facebook user. 

There are currently 254 likes... let's see if we can get that up to 300 by the end of the weekend. ☺
2) You may have noticed two new restaurants that are getting close to opening in Wildomar. Both are located in The Barn shopping center, and are right next to each other: Mrs.7 Pho (Vietnamese food) and El Burro Taco Shop.
New eateries getting ready to serve Wildomar.
No one was at the new taco shop when I stopped by, but I was able to snap a photo of the interior. Looks like things are coming along quickly, but I didn't get an estimate of when they'd open.

It's starting to take shape.
I poked my head into Mrs.7 Pho and asked if there were any estimates to when they'd be opening. I was happy to hear the answer of, "in a couple of weeks".
Pho (pronounced more like FUH) is a modern day comfort food in my book.
I look forward to giving both places a try. 

As it is, Mrs. Wildomar Rap (AKA Grace) was suggesting that we start a series of blogs for 2019 where we tour all the eateries in Wildomar. That might be fun... and delicious too.
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  1. Where is the Barn shopping center?

    1. "The Barn" is the new name of the refurbished shopping center that is on the northeast corner of Palomar and Clinton Keith. It also has The Bean (coffee place), Finch (restaurant), Vitality Zone Fitness and Farmers Insurance.


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