Thursday, May 16, 2019

• Pie Nation Victim of Smash and Grab

One of Wildomar's favorite pizzarias was the unwelcoming recipient of a smash and grab in the early hours of May 16th.
Not a sight that any business owner wants to be greeted with.
The alarm company called the owner at 1:37am. RSO Investigator, Matt Posson, happened to be exiting Clinton Keith as he got the call and was on scene within two minutes of hearing it (which could have been five to ten minutes between the alarm sounding, the alarm company informing the police, and the dispatcher sending out the call).
A closer look at the damaged front door.
I saw the videos, and they showed three criminals in hoodies, one with what appeared to be a Sawzall, entering the broken front door, crawling around and then exiting about a minute later. Counting the driver, it appears to be a crew of four.

The odd part was that after criminal number one broke the glass in the front door, he then returned to the car for about 15 seconds, before the three entered the business.
A look from the inside.
Investigator Posson said that last night there were several other similar burglaries in Lake Elsinore, Juice It Up was specifically mentioned. 

There's no telling at this point if it was a local crew, or one from out of the area, but two of the videos were very clear and helpful to the officers dealing with this case.
The burglars were in such a hurry that they left cash all over the place.
Pie Nation has been a great asset to the community since they opened. Not only do they make great tasting pizzas, but they also help out many non-profits with their fundraising efforts. 

Below are several screenshots from the security cams. 
You can see the getaway car circled in red.
The officers suggested it could be a Toyota Camry.
Just after the front door glass was broken.
All three of the criminals that entered Pie Nation were well covered by drawn hoodies.
The tool in the burglar's hand sort of looks like a gun, but was thought to be a Sawzall.
The criminals were crouching low as they were going throughout the establishment.
Thankfully, all they took was the petty cash that was in the cash registers.
Please consider making a special trip to visit them, and let them know you support them. Though I make my own pizza, I'll be making a dinner date for this Friday at Pie Nation, and leave the baking to them. Hope to see you there. ☺

If you have any information that could help the investigators, please email Investigator Matt Posson at


  1. Why the Sawzall, it looks like they used an umbrella to punch thru the glass.

    1. At first it looked like a gun, but when the investigators looked at the video they suggested it was a Sawzall. Not for the door, but to get into things had they so chosen, but there was no additional damage. The umbrella is part of Pie Nation's out door decor that they bring in at night.

  2. Umbrella I'm sure was brought in at closing.


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