Sunday, June 2, 2019

• All-Inclusive Picnic 2019

Wildomar's first ever All-Inclusive event was a big success with over 50 individuals with special needs and over 100 total attendees!
Listening to Hi Hopes after the meal.
Photo Courtesy Richard Deskin
Dinner was donated by Barons Market, thank you, and the music was performed by the band Hi Hopes. It just so happens that the musicians also have special needs.
To the right you can see the interpreter for the deaf.
Photo Courtesy Bridgette Moore

This keyboardist had it down.
Photo Courtesy Richard Deskin
The drummer didn't miss a beat.
Photo Courtesy Richard Deskin
Many loved the chance to dance in front of the stage.
Photo Courtesy Richard Deskin
Faith Bible Church brought their ice cream truck and handed out many frozen treats to the attendees. 
So many varieties, and all tasty.
Photo Courtesy Bridgette Moore
Also at the park was TapSnap —the fun photo experience, a craft table, and RTA had a booth, along with a bus, that was there to help those that would like a primer on how to ride the bus.
TapSnap gets ready to take a pic of the band. 
Painting rocks... or painting rocks!
Photo Courtesy Bridgette Moore
You can see the RTA bus in the background, and Wildomar city manager Gary Nordquist speaking with councilmember Joseph Morabito.
Photo Courtesy Bridgette Moore
This event couldn't have happened without the passion of city council member Bridgette Moore. For a year or more she's been volunteering with the High Hopes program in Temecula and wanted to bring similar opportunities to Wildomar.

Recreational opportunities should be available to all our residents and the Inclusion Picnic in the Park provided social interaction with their peers. 

After I volunteered for the High Hopes program, it was suggested to have an outdoor picnic event. I proposed the event to our city and obtained sponsorships. The Inclusion Picnic in the Park was so successful that we want to make it annual event!
—Brigette Moore
I hope to see this become an annual event. If you are interested in either participating in this event, know of someone that would enjoy such an event, or would like to be a sponsor of it, please feel free to email the city.
Part of the obligation when being on city council, being silly at park events.
L to R: Joseph Morabito, Bridgette Moore, Jessie Taylor and Marsha Swanson.
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One man with courage is a majority.
– Dale Carneghie

Wildomar Rap questions Mr. Carneghie's math, but admires his moxy in so stating it.

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