Sunday, September 8, 2019

• Legends of Wildomar: Tall Tales of How it Got Its Name

Opening night of Legends of Wildomar, a play written about Wildomar by writers that live in Wildomar, was a huge success.
The cast singing Wildomar Song (The Happy Wanderer) to conclude the show. House lights were up and the audience were encouraged to sing along... lyrics were in the program.
It was a full house (I estimate there were more than 130 people in the audience) with ticket sales between 106 and 113. Part of the discrepancy was due to some with tickets for the 14th (my wife and I were among that lot) came on opening night instead.

The play started with the beloved narrator, played by Dan Kuttner, introducing the acts as they came. 
Every play should have a beloved narrator to keep the pace and the audience on track.
Act I had a Wildomar family at the lake, seems the daughter had been attacked by a sea monster, though the park ranger, played by Charles Golden suggested she just bumped into a submerged tree.
Ivonne Quinteros, Melodie Erickson, Charles Golden and Don Smith consider the possibilities. Photo courtesy Richard Deskin
Act III had a wild eyed Wild Roamer telling Rosa to dream big in life.
Scott Westwood, as Wild Roamer, and Ivonne Quinteros, as Rosa, starred in Act III.
Photo courtesy Richard Deskin
Eve Gaal, as Rosa's mother, sings to the audience.
Act IV explored the possibility of Wildomar being named after a prized horse named Wildy Mare. Adrienne Nemes played the silent role perfectly as she danced and pranced on the stage, and through the audience.
Charles Golden played the part of Cowboy Bill, Don Smith was the ranch hand, and Mary Jane Jazarowski played Milly.
Act V featured a love triangle of sorts, in the 1800's, where the affections of Wilhelmina was being wooed by two suitors; Marcus and Dolan. Later, as the townspeople were searching for a name for the area, they were inspired by the etching on the tree Wil-Dol-Mar (apparently shortened to Wildomar by some county bureaucrat later
Marcus points to the etching on the tree that says Wil+Dol before he adds Mar at the bottom.
The proceeds from this play will be going to the charity known as BRICK, Brain Research in Cancer Kids. There is another performance if you missed opening night, next Saturday, the 14th. 

The program was first rate!

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Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.
– Jacques Delille

Wildomar Rap must be your friend, because it was your choice to read it.

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  1. Stagelight Playwrights thanks you for such a nice posting about our play. Hope to see everyone Saturday!😊

    1. The only way to make it better would be for it to have been performed in Willy'mar too, but I know there are issues with local venues. :)


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