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• Census 2020: Why It's Important and Job Opportunities

Why is the census important?

First and foremost, the census is part of our constitution (Article I, Section 2) and it's your civic duty as an American... or even if you're permanent resident. You need to be counted... same holds true for those living here without permission.

Without copying and pasting something you can easily google yourself, the basic point of the census is to ensure that the voice of the people can be as fairly represented as possible (sorry, nothing is 100% when people are involved).
If doing your civic duty isn't enough of a motivator, without an accurate count, we can expect fewer federal dollars when it comes to roads and other key issues.
Having an accurate census count, every ten years, was the way our founding fathers chose to keep the voting districts as balanced as they could manage in those horse and buggy days. 

In the modern world, an accurate count is as important for the original reasons (to determine the numbers of congressional members throughout the nation) as they are for the apportionment of federal funds to the states.
A large portion of our state budget comes from federal dollars.
An undercount means underfunding for needed services.
Any federal grant you can think of, that a local area might be interested in, hinges on the population count done at the d
ecennial census.

The easiest way to participate is to respond to the mailers that will be hitting your mailboxes sometime in March of 2020. For those that just toss them in the trash, you'll get a second opportunity by mail. After that, you'll be on big brother's list and be in line for a census enumerator to give you a visit in person.  
About 30% of the people don't do the census the easy way. Are you one of them?
(aka undocumented persons by PC types)

Another opportunity the census brings is an opening for a federal job/career

At a recent census meeting in Wildomar it was said that there will be 801 temporary census jobs in Wildomar alone.

When I heard that number I scratched my head and pressed the presenters over it, and they confirmed that was the number they're looking to hire. 

Even if they misspoke (twice) and meant 801 jobs for all of SWRivCo, that's still a lot of jobs for them to fill.
If you have a family member that is in need of work, share this info with them.
The jobs begin in January and go through June
 • The jobs are for 6 to 8 weeks at a time • Minimum age is 18 and there is no upper age limit • The training takes 3 days • Typical daily hours are from 8:00a, to 4:30pm  You have to pass a background check   Follow this link for more information.
Not bad wages for temporary work.
Though these are temporary jobs, they are a foot in the door for other federal jobs, a good long term career move for many. 

Below is a cheesy video made by the census bureau, but it's only 90 seconds and is very informative, so it's well worth your minute and a half. (Being that I produce cheesy videos myself, I can call them out on it with impunity. ☺)
•                •                •

The reason the government sells the census as your ticket to getting goodies - rather than as your civic duty - is that distributing goodies is now all the government does.

Tom G. Palmer

Wildomar Rap isn't a civic duty, but just so happens to come with more goodies than you can cope with.

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