Friday, December 13, 2019

• Wildomar Elementary Donates to Cops For Kids

Melanie Shatzer's 3rd grade class donated $55 to Cops For Kids

They started saving their recyclables from the first day of the school year, and redeemed them last week.
The taller people in the photo from left to right: Assistant principal Mrs. Christina Crain, Wildomar City Councilman Joseph Morabito, Lieutenant Aaron Kent, teacher Melanie Shatzer.
The class was eager to pose for a picture where they were presenting Lieutenant Aaron Kent with the money. If that wasn't enough fun, then the kids were ready for question and answer time.
Mrs. Shatzer keeping the eager questioners to one at a time.
They must have asked Lieutenant Kent 50 questions ranging from how many people he's arrested in his (25 year) career, to, "Have you arrested anyone for littering?" The answer was, "No, that offense gets a ticket/citation."
Gotta love the reverse angle shot.
My favorite one was when they asked if he'd ever arrested a kid. At first they seemed to quietly gasp when he responded, "Yes." Then collectively sighed in relief when he added, "By 'kid', I mean someone 16 years old." 

But then the questions were aimed at me
They asked how many people I was the boss of... ummm... I had to break it to them that even the mayor isn't the boss. We share the duties and it takes 3 votes to make a decision.
What an honor and a pleasure to answer questions from local students.
I then asked them if they knew the population of Wildomar. The low guess this time was 9,000 and the high guess was 10,000,000. 

The next question I asked was if they knew the names of the streets that Wildomar Elementary sits on. 

When the answer of "Central" was given, I let them know that we have changed it to Wildomar Trail, and we have to wait for Caltrans (I told them that was the name of the people that work on the freeways) to change the freeway signs first, then we'll change out the others.  

To end the session I asked them if they knew what was happening in Wildomar tomorrow morning. Many of them knew... Breakfast With Santa at the fire station. ☺
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