Thursday, May 14, 2020

• City Council Meeting May 2020

This was the third consecutive city council meeting that was held remotely. 
You're NOT a hero if you harass a business owner or employee over this issue.

The main takeaway from the meeting can be summed up by this passage from the May 8th Press Release, especially section 2A: 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Wildomar as follows: 

SECTION 1. High Priority Items for General Fund Revenue 
A. Police and Fire Emergency Core Service Levels 
B. Building, Safety and Code Enforcement Services 
C. Road Repair 
D. Quality of Life Services. 
E. Animal Control 
F. 20% General Fund Reserve

SECTION 2. Other Items 

A. The Enforcement of State and County Orders related to COVID-19 is NOT a local priority.
Though this is more symbolic than anything else, it's a strong message to the community that we aren't happy that our economy is crumbling under these unprecedented restrictions we've been under for two months. (Which isn't about "profits", it's about everyday people making a living and providing for their families.) 

Below are a few key comments from the council members. I highly suggest that you cue up the video to the 46:30 mark of the video and watch it as it unfolded. 
Joseph Morabito, District 3

• I know this is mostly symbolic because we don't have a lot of power in Wildomar, there's not a lot of money for [enforcement], but I wouldn't want for this to be misconstrued by business owners that have state licenses, that we're giving them our thumbs up and blessings to open up. Whether it's a beauty shop or a restaurant and you're going to risk your state license, I would suggest waiting until the state gives you the go ahead. 

• I suggest that if you're asked to wear a mask to go into someone's business, just show the proprietor some respect and wear the mask. 

• If I could offer that even if the governor gave us money [to do so], and unless there was some direct order, I still would not want to go and check the restaurants that [were to choose] to open. Unless there was a true mandate with our name on it, Wildomar, I wouldn't want to go around to the various restaurants or any other [state licensed] business [trying to shut them down].

• If I had any other thoughts [beyond what] I've already added, it would be to again ask the people that are out there to try and be neighborly and stay out of making this a political or partisan issue because it isn't one. 
Ben Benoit, District 1

• I understand that the RSO isn't enforcing these items, I've heard that various levels of the county whether or not they're enforcing some of these things, it's definitely for us to say that "we're not" —I completely understand. 

• I also understand that this is purely symbolic. I still want people to be safe. It's ultimately up to that business owner. I think that they're going to be out there, protecting their employees, and I'd think they'd want to put up a sign that says "If you're going to come in, please wear a mask." I think that's still an appropriate thing to do with what's going on, and I think people need to respect that. It's the business owner's property. 
Marsha Swanson, District 5

• I think that the six items that we have in priority (see the resolution) those are our priorities. We can't go around and enforce and make everybody put on a mask, take off a mask, stay home, not stay home. The people are doing what they do, and I don't know how you could keep up with all of the enforcement and the costs that would it be when our budget is going to be cut about 25% again. 
Mayor Dustin Nigg (Dist 2)

In response to a public comment asking if this means we can reopen: 
Technically no, we're all right now having to abide under the State of California's guidelines. I can tell you that the six local cities [...] are meeting every other week with the intentions of "applying casual pressure relentlessly to the Governor."

What that means is we're drafting letters after letters after letters. Things like this order that we're discussing right now, the directive basically saying, "Hey this is where our money is going for service levels," and more explicitly outlining where the money is NOT going, and the money from the city will not be going to the enforcement of county and state health orders regarding Covid19. 

But the true 'black and white' answer to your question is it's pretty much maintain the posture we've been in for the last two months, and I'm sorry to say that. 
Gotta love "applying casual pressure relentlessly", nice 😊. 
Let's hope the modern version of "death by a thousand cuts" is effective here... but if lingchi is too gruesome to even use as a metaphor, how about "kill 'em with kindness" instead?

Reopening Parks
The discussion of reopening the parks picks up around the 1:41:30 mark of the video. Below is a quote from Wildomar's city attorney regarding parks use.
Whatever outdoor activities are normally done in groups should not be done, but outdoor physical activities that can be done with just members of your household, or [by oneself], that would be permitted under the State's orders.
  —Thomas Jex, Wildomar City Attorney
My thoughts regarding reopening parks are summed up below. Please see the video for the remarks by the other council members.

For children [using parks] it's really a parental decision. It's something we can't and we don't want to patrol. There's going to be a lot of people out there that are going to try to go under the tape [at the playgrounds] or whatever it is, so instead of creating "criminals" it's better in my opinion to make it where the parents make the choice, or if they're young adults, they're making their own choice anyway.
- Wildomar City Councilman, Joseph Morabito
There will be signs up reminding you about social distancing and best practices. You need to make your own informed decisions about your health and the health of your family. 

City Manager's Report
• May 25th will be a virtual celebration of Memorial Day. If you're signed up for city emails, you'll be notified as the details become available. 
• It was shared that there has been an uptick in graffiti in town. If you see graffiti, please report it at this link.
Click this image to sign up for city emails.

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"Wagner's music is better than it sounds."

– Mark Twain

Wildomar Rap isn't half as good as Wagner's music sounds.

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