Thursday, October 24, 2013

• First Impressions

Wildomar Rap is the name I've chosen for this blog. I was going to go with Wildomar Fishwrap, but it lost in a coin flip.

The most recent drawing of me
The point of this will be to post my observations, opinions, diatribes and occasional ◄barkings at the moon► when it comes to things that involve Wildomar. For those that may have found this page, but don't know what a "Wildomar" is... it's a small city in South West Riverside County, USA. It's where I've lived since 2001.

 I don't have any stated goals 
No lofty ideals
 I don't look to grind any axes
                                 (but if you insist — I'll oblige) 


I like making friends, and if I happen to be friends with your enemy, that's the way it goes (and vice versa). Give me some time to make my own enemies thank you very much.

The tricky part about posting opinions, that involve people that you are on friendly terms with, is that the moment the opinion starts to detail something less than positive, some people stop being friendly, and even start being hostile. Oh dang... if that happens I can only assume the friendliness was just an act in the first place.

Presuming that anyone ends up reading this, and they choose to comment, I don't anticipate too many rules for it. Thing is, if you're going to go to the ad hominem card, you'd better be funny about it,  no one wants to read recycled yammerings. I don't want a lovefest going on in the comments, but I also don't need verbal fisticuffs either. If you want to tell me that I'm full of crap, great, I already know it. If I post something inaccurate, then by all means I'd like to be corrected, so correct me. If I simply post an opinion that you disagree with... well, that's to be expected.

Ok, let's see how far this lead balloon will float.

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