Friday, October 25, 2013

• Great Day of Service Eve

Full disclosure, I didn't sign up for the "Great Day of Service" because I didn't want to be in a database, and especially one from a religious organization. I have nothing against the Methodists. My grandparents were long time members of the crown shaped Methodist church in Riverside (on Arlington).
My grandparent's church in Riverside, Ca.
I remember being about 8 years old when they sprinkled some water on my head there, and my brother had his kids baptized, christened (or whatever they call it for small kids) in the Murrieta church about ten years ago. Ok, Enough church stuff. 

Still, though I didn't sign up, I did go over to see what was happening, and I ended up having some pizza and helping out. I happened to meet up with many people that I'd heard of, but hadn't met, and I also had a reunion, of sorts, with Kirk from the cemetery district. He and I played a few seasons of beer league baseball together half a decade ago.
I'm the handsome guy with the beard.
It really feels good to be out in the community working for a common cause.

Second round of "full disclosure" is that my voting record on the parks tax, if it were a baseball box score, I was 0-3. I voted for it the first two times (when it lost) and I voted against it the last time (when it won). Just like I voted against cityhood, when your side loses, you can either kvetch about it, or make the best of it. 

I've meet many people, that happen to be on opposite sides of things in Wildomar, and I have to say that I like them all at this point. Maybe I'm just a lousy judge of character, but they've all been personable. As far as the city officials that I've met, I'm not judging the work they've done for the city, because I am not up to speed on it.
I'm an empiricist and I have to learn things first hand. 


Ok, so tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I'll be able to help for about an hour. Let's see how things turn out. They sure have done a lot of prep work, and that will make it possible... but there are still a lot of rough edges at Marna O'Brien park that will take some professionals to get right. To quote one of the volunteers, "It'll look totally different by Spring."

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