Monday, November 25, 2013

• Killing Paper

What happens when two guys get into an internet argument about guns?

"The Ex"
They settle it like men.
(sorry for being sexist here... well, not really)

 They hang out for a couple of hours at a shooting range. 

>:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

It started on a FaceBook thread with these two memes juxtaposed together.

My point was that both "remedies" will lead to a visit from the Po' Po'.

Fellow Wildomarian, Doug Ames, was getting fed up with my cackling about guns on a thread of mine. Then posted:
Lmk if you want to go kill paper sometime.

I told him I wasn't a "Let's do lunch" kinda guy, so let's plan it fo' reals. 
Two days later, paper was beggin' fer mercy!

Joseph, meet AR15.                                   Can you find the spent shell?

Gotta love that muzzle flash on this Extar EXP Extreme Lightweight AR15 Pistol.
My video camera was set to 60 fps and it only showed up on one frame.

☼   We shot a total of five different guns  
Smith and Wesson Military and Police .22LR, 9mm. AR15, an AK47, and the Extar EXP Extreme Lightweight AR15 Pistol with an eotech 517 Tactical Weapons Sight.


 (this space left intentionally blank)

All the guns had their selling points. The .22 Smith and Wesson was the first one I shot. It was such a nice little gun. Then I shot the 9mm. Ummm!!!! Wow, what a difference, and I know they only get more powerful. 

After that we went over to the rifles. I preferred the AK47. In part because it had iron sites, which is like my badass ten pump BB gun. Last on the list to shoot was the Extar EXP Extreme Lightweight AR15. It wasn't easy for me to hit the target with it, but it had the throatiest boom of the lot.

It was a great time out. All the way from the weather, to the shooting to the company. 

I'm glad I got into a silly FaceBook tête-à-tête with Mr. Doug Ames. Without it, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet such a good member of the community, or go out shooting. 

Thanks Doug, it was a great day.
Doug is also very involved with the scouts, and based on the time he took with me, a n00b to be sure when it comes to firearms training, I can see that his scouts are in good hands when they are under his care/supervision.

When we were done, we picked up our spent shells, and a couple of bags of trash, we also cleaned up a table, two boxes of trash, two computers, and what looked like an old radio. 

It's ok if you want to live like a pig, just don't make us clean up after you


The only way to end such an outing was at 
Annie's Cafe in Lake Elsinore.

Where I finally got a chance to try their Fish and Chips.

The full size panorama shot of the area.

A little PhotoShop art of some shotgun shells.

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