Wednesday, November 27, 2013

• A Tree Fell, Did You Hear It?

I think it went "crash" but it might have gone "boom."  What does the tree say?
Neither Did I... until a friend sent me a link.

Let me start with a hearty:
Happy Thanksgiving week...
but that ointment sure likes flies in it... so here's the rundown.
I started Wildomar Rap after a conversation with Gil Rasmussen, of Wildomar Magazine fame (or is that 'infamy' —you be the judge of that one). He and I had gone a few rounds over at The Patch, before I retired from that cesspool, and then accepted his invitation to meet at Starbucks and had coffee. He's a personable enough guy, and the time wasn't a waste. He encouraged me to write a blog. He said he thought I was funny (my Aspie senses always tingle when I hear such things).

Ummm.... it's one of those "Be careful what you wish for" moments, if ever there was one.

First, I don't get the point of leading with the rusty edge of a dull fish scaler when writing, but people do what they are capable of. If you are into that kind of "humor" (cough), then he's your man and bless you both.
The cutting edge that is W-Mag.
So, Gil went from giving me props, to being ashamed of me in the blink of an eye. I've been waiting for this from day one. Look Gil, I like you and have no issues with you, but let me heartily thank you for withdrawing your support. It was about a half a step above having the likes of Lake Ellie's Resident be a blogs biggest booster.

I'm not who they think I am. 

I'm a 12 year resident of Wildomar, not a 12 year old boy, have always paid basic attention to things, but only recently started paying closer attention to issues in our city. I have no axes to grind, and I'm not interested in taking up the causes of Wildomar's self stylized "activists".

Too bad his blog-blast won't even make my Top 100 Crack-Back List of written jabs that I've endured over the many years I've spent at YouTube and Yahoo News. I've heard it all, and there is no combination of intelligible words that can phase me.

However there are two bits of   mental kryptonite  that can short circuit my dome in a hurry. I find it difficult to suffer fools, or those that lead with a disingenuous veneer. If you want to watch my eyes fog over, lead with one of those.

So the wheels came off over my previous blog: "Killing Paper".
Where I juxtaposed two memes. 

It must have taken special effort to miss my obvious point, and then to think I was promoting the mistreatment of women is truly laugh out loud funny. Almost as funny as those that take the W-Mag as some sort of gospel.

In short, BOTH -quote unquote- "solutions" are wrongo-bongo in the above memes.
Yet that clear point was missed by my esteemed friend... yowsers!
 (Earth calling frontal lobe, check in frontal lobe.) 

I enjoy making friends with the locals, and that includes those that many others in the city DO NOT LIKE, based on years worth of their actions. Actions, that no matter how noble they may claim them to be, have been nothing but harmful to our community.
Key word here:

I'm not interesting in sandbagging our local elected officials in a blog. If that was my aim, I'd have named this blog Wildomar Hatchet Job: replete with parody and satire. I'll let the bottom feeders gorge themselves on such fare... if that's your bag, you know where to look for it.


I didn't envision Wildomar Rap to be a he-said she-said, nanny goat, gotcha back, I'm rubber you're glue blah, blah, blechhh! type of endeavor. I don't see that I'll be using this blog as such a vehicle —who would want to read such dreck? But, when I'm called out, and by a person that gave me free unsolicited pub, I feel compelled to respond. It's not like I could respond at his blog, where comments are verboten.

Like in the movie The Ten Commandments where the Pharaoh declared that all references of Moses be stricken from the record. I feel in such good company.
shall it be written shall it be done

Basically, all references of Wildomar Rap have been expunged from Wildomar Mag.
Oh Darn!

Click this link to read the blog in full.... that is, assuming it likewise hasn't been purged.

In the end, when I see Gil, I'm sure we'll shake hands and exchange the normal niceties.
People can have differing political view points and still get along... right?


  1. Joseph I think Gil's rant has more to do with the person you were hanging with than the picture.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. Ken, I tend to think that is the real story here. Thanks for commenting.

  2. If that is true then that shows a tremendous lack of maturity by a grown-up. sheila


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