Thursday, December 19, 2013

• BP vs. HDR (Planning Commision Meeting 12-18-13)

(Business Park vs. High Density Residential)

Are you signed up for the city's emails? I am. Two weeks ago I got something that looked like this in regards a special Planning Commission meeting.

Below is an artist's rendering of it.

It was 717 pages long... so I emailed A-Gar and asked if this was a mistake. I must have hit the wrong "reply" button at yahoo mail, because I've yet to get a reply. I've since learned that there are server issues that the city is coping with. 

My Bad... I guess.

...and to be fair, he did start off with saying the 'agenda was attached'... but the included link was a major league curve ball, and I just watched it go by for a called third strike. My bad... I guess.

The real agenda was only six pages long.
Who knew?

Dear Santa, I've been marginally good this year, and all I'd like to have is clear, consistent communication when dealing with the city. Can you please straighten out their internet server issues? Thank you.

Straight from the Planning Commission agenda

3.1 Strata/Prielipp GPA Initiation Request (Planning Application No. 13-0039):
The applicant (Strata Equity Group) is requesting a Planning Commission recommendation to the City Council in accordance with Section 17.08.040.B of the Zoning Ordinance to initiate a proposed general plan land use amendment on a 20.2-acre site from Business Park (BP) to High Density Residential (HDR) to accommodate a future 86-unit/104-bed Congregate Care Facility/Assisted Living Facility on 7.5 acres of the site, and a 143-unit townhome multi-family project on 12.7 acres of the site located at the northwest corner of Elizabeth Lane and Prielipp Road (APN: 380-250-023).


The Planning Department recommends the Planning Commission recommend the City Council allow the initiation of a general plan amendment for Planning Application No. 13-0039 (Strata/Prielipp Project).
(emphasis is mine)

The vote was 3 to 1, with Commissioner Swann voting nay, to NOT recommend.
   Nothing like a good old fashioned double negative to cross a person up.  

My favorite quote from the applicant was:
"Taking care of the aged is a business."

This was his response to concerns that he wanted to put HDR (High Density Residential) where the zoning is for a business park. He does have a point... it is a business, and the estimate is for 100-110 permanent jobs once it's complete, with 300 construction related jobs for the 2 years it takes to build; does sound nice. Still, this is far worse than a MUPA where the maximum of 50% HDR was agreed upon.

Not only that, but what brainiac suggested putting 143 multi family, triplex and fourplexes, in the same complex as a retirement home? Seriously, talk about a match made in hades.

What I didn't understand was when the applicant said,
"We own this property, we bought it in October of 2012, this isn't just an option that we have..." 

Let me get this straight. You bought business park property, but you wanted to build HDR townhomes and assisted care facilities. Umm, Mr. Applicant sir... why didn't you buy land that was already zoned for such a project in the first place?

There were two other items on the agenda. 
Items that I thought would've sailed through. 

2.1 Allowing a 5 plus acre parcel to be divided into ten 1/2 acre lots at 34951 Orange St. I can't imagine why there would be real opposition, but there was. Commissioner Devine recused himself from the discussion (I'm gathering he had some dealings with it) and the final vote was 3-0 to recommend to the council. But not before Gary Andre warned about impending flooding, and lost indian artifacts. (please refer back up to the rolling eye gif if you wonder what I think of it).

I know my name isn't Joe Hydrologist, but why would there be anymore flooding because of ten houses being built? Is someone suggesting they are all going to leave the hose running at once?

Oh, also gotta love hearing that The Alliance For Intelligent Planning had their cap gun attorney send another letter. Can there be a bigger misnomer for a cabal of dissidents, I mean "activists" out there??? Well, other than Ducks Unlimited suggesting they are for the protection of ducks that is?

2.2 After much deliberation, or so it seemed, it was voted 4-0 to recommend to the council. In question were three modular trailers for Gracepoint Church, on Canyon Drive. I didn't see what the hang up here was either. It's good to be concerned about the aesthetics of the area, but perhaps those making the decisions could drive by the place next time. Come on Commish Devine... you didn't know the houses that abut the church property were already built? 

You can see rooftops and cars in the neighborhood west of Gracepoint Church.


Oh, and as of today, there have been ZERO applications sent in for the fifth planning commissioner's spot. If you're interested in applying for the post... contact the city about it.

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