Saturday, December 21, 2013

• Nearly 300 Have Breakfast With Santa

Today Santa was at the Wildomar fire station.
Wildomar Fire Station

For $5 you got pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage, and coffee, hot chocolate or orange juice. Kids under 10 were $3.

City Manager Gary Nordquist and Mayor Pro-Tem
Marsha Swanson serving up bacon and eggs to the community.
 While Council Members Ben Benoit and Bridgette Moore [not pictured]
were working to keep things running smoothly.

This was a joint venture by the City of Wildomar and the Rotary Club of Wildomar.

Kid's of all ages had a chance to see the fire trucks, and other first responder equipment, up close and meet the local fire fighters.

And get a pic with Mr. North Pole himself.

Ok Santa, I'm jealous —you're beard is cooler than mine.

Quick back story, my wife was raised in Toronto, Canada. She immigrated here in 1999 after we got married. She is from an immigrant family from Sicily, and they never had Santa Claus in their culture... This was her first picture with him, and she was nearly as excited as any youngster getting their pic taken with him... that smile you see is as genuine as is my look of doubt. :)


Stat Check
There were 289 paid breakfasts, and when you add to that the Rotary Club volunteers, other volunteers, students from EHS, students from Wildomar Elementary, fireman from various stations. An estimate of 350 to 400 in attendance would be a pretty reasonable guesstimate. If you missed out... 
just remember it for next year.

In addition to all the lifelong memories the various families and kids will take away from today's Breakfast with Santa, a total of $1,294.00 was raised, which will be split 50/50 between Rotary and City.


Also in attendance were representatives of Wildomar Little League, and Wildomar CERT.  Always looking for local people interested in getting involved. If you'd like to help the local league with sponsorship, or have a child that would like to play organized baseball, click this link to get to their website. 

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The classes are free. Lot's of good info to learn while getting to know some of the members of the community.


Donated toys for the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest County
A note about the Toy Drive for the Boys and Girls of Southwest County held at Terri Holladay's home in Windsong on Thursday December 19th. Though she only had a few weeks to get the word out, and it was a rainy day, she collected several large boxes of toys, and it was a chance for many neighbors to get acquainted. Looking forward to the second annual toy drive next year.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Should have asked the Little League where they think their going to play ball. It sure ain't going to be in a Wildomar Park.

    Kenny "the Grinch" Mayes

  2. Good question. I only asked about the number of teams they were going to have and how many sign ups they had... which they didn't want to give me a number... not even a *ballpark figure.

    *pun intended.

    When my daughter played in Wildomar Little League it was at Butterfield School, she was eight and nine at the time. I never did see where the upper division played.

  3. It takes more than one season to rebuild a league. I remember when my daughter played little league at butterfield- there was a neighbor there that was such a pest about the parking... Sheila "pollyanna" Urlaub


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