Wednesday, December 4, 2013

• Workshop #1, What Is Wildomar?

That was the theme of the Planning Commission meeting of December 4th, 2013.

 Mark Teague gave a presentation on the 2014 Wildomar General Plan Update, and true to his word it was an actual "Workshop" style meeting. Very refreshing change of pace from the usual meetings. Sad part is that I counted eleven people in the audience. 

For all the endless squawking I hear about Wildomar, and how 'we should do this', or 'not do that'... it sure looks like there are a lot of people that prefer to flap their gums about it, than show up and try and make a difference. 


When it comes to the general plan, they've assigned us all homework.

Take Pictures of things you like, and things you don't like.

 Specifically of things that you'd like Wildomar to resemble,
and things you don't want it to resemble. 


Send your photos to Planning Director Matt Bassi

I have mixed reviews of the meeting. 

First, it was a good format with the audience interaction. Had there been more people there, it might have really gotten going. I liked the presentation and the input by the members of the community. My problem is... I don't get it. 

Sorry, but it didn't seem realistic. It's important to remember what Wildomar is, and not try to pretend otherwise. In the words of Planning Commissioner Stan Smith, "Wildomar is basically a bedroom community." 

That isn't a slur, it's a good thing and it's our reality... but you need to understand that we FLAT OUT are NEVER going to have a Performing Arts Center here (And yes, that was not only in the "top 10 list" of wants, it was at the TOP of the list, from the last General Plan of 2008, of things people wanted in our city). 

If you build it, they will come...

We'd be better off aiming for something more feasible...  like 4 cops on duty at the same time.

For all the talk of 'desiring businesses to move in' is nice, but I'd like to see the list of businesses trying to open up that we are refusing. Anyone? 

I imagine you've heard the old saying,
"You Snooze, You Lose." 
Well, way back when, Wildomar decided to stay in the 20th century, and the spoils have already been divided among our neighboring cities. There aren't lines of important businesses waiting to (re)locate here... they've either decided to skip California, or they've already set down roots a few miles north, south or east of us... other than Walmart that is... and many people are fiercely against them. 

But I don't want to stop those that want to dream of grandiose things for our city... 
playing make believe is great fun.


What you need to know is that Workshop #2 is scheduled for
February 5, 2014. 

If you have an opinion about Wildomar's General Plan, you need to be there. If you have an opinion, and don't show up... you need to keep your opinions to yourself in the future.

Two other bits of news.  

1) Stan Smith was voted to be Chairman again by a 3-1 vote, and Veronica Langworthy was voted in as Vice Chair by the same vote. Applications are still being taken for the vacant seat on the Commission. Contact the city if you're interested... times running out on that one.
2) Someone needs to let Stan know that Mr. Mayes' name is Kenny, not Kevin.

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  1. Joseph - good to see another blog about the assignment. As for what Stan calls me, what ever, call we whatever gets my attention.
    Kenny Mayes aka Kevin or ?


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