Friday, November 29, 2013

• Buckle Up Now, Smells Like A Rate Increase Is On The Way

As the tryptophan ebbs from my body, on this glorious Black Friday,
I'm reading the latest from EVMWD

I'll let you read it for yourself,
but my conclusion is that we are being softened up for another rate hike here.
 (what's new... right?)

We should all be concerned for our environment — Duh!
And we should all be eager to hand it over, to the future generations, in BETTER condition than we received it... 

 still, I smell a money grab disguised as a good deed about to be spun on us.


I want to point your attention to two paragraphs in particular:

When prevention is not enough...
If the salinity problems become too much to manage through prevention, water districts may be forced to seek more direct and costly measures to remove salts. These could include:
  • Development and construction of a desalination plant, which is an expensive alternative to prevention. Not only would the cost to install local facilities be a burden on customers, but the desalination process is expensive, requiring an extraordinary amount of energy to remove salts.
  • Introduction of limitations/bans on salt-based water softeners. Self -regenerating water softeners that use salt or potassium pellets can release a pound of salt per day when it regenerates and “flushes” away the brine or “salty waste”. Water districts have begun to ask residents to remove their self -regenerating water softeners, but may have to implement more strict policies if salt levels continue to be high.
(emphasis is mine)

This is the first of a four part series by EVMWD. Can't wait to see what comes in the next bill.

Looks like they want to put a stake through the heart of The Culligan Man.

Personally I always hated the "soft water" at my grandma's house.
I could never wash the soap off my hands.


  1. Joseph, there is an interesting blog on the Murrieta Patch about water rates in the valley.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. Thanks Ken, I'll have to go look it up.


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