Saturday, January 25, 2014

• Bee Canyon Clean Up

Plenty of debris to go around.

Today a group from Wildomar joined the Calguns cleanup effort in Bee Canyon... which is way out past Hemet

Doug inspecting for casualties after the drive.
We left W'mar (pronounced Dub Mar) at about 7:00am and then met and parked at the Ranger Station. At that point we piled into the Dub Mar Duece, driven by Doug Ames. It was a fun ride in the back of that thing to the cleanup area. I have to hand it to our combat troupes that make their living being transported around in vehicles like this one.

A great group of people made it out there today. Including Lori Olson, Amber Mayes, Mike Ames, Riley Olson, Brandon Benline, and Zach Olson. Also Robbie from CalGuns was in our area too. 
Unpacking the gear for the clean up.

A look from the target area.

A look from the Deuce.
Ahh, nothing better than picking up other people's garbage.
It didn't take long, maybe an hour and a half, but it finally got cleaned up enough to pass muster anyway. We filled many full size trash cans, plus dozens of plastic garbage bags too. Several pickup trips were made to the dumpster.
Now we get to set up and shoot.

Amber Mayes shoots the Yugo AK pistol while Mike Ames watches on.

Joseph, meet Yugo AK pistol

To top it all off, Ron, the CalGuns organizer, and his wife bought the clean up volunteers pizza and soda. That was nice, and it hit the spot to be sure!


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