Tuesday, January 7, 2014

• Community Volunteer Event: Bark at the Park

This Saturday, January 11, 2014
◄from 8am to 12pm 
In preparation for our parks to be reopened,  there will be a community volunteer event. 

If you have a 
  high school student  
looking to fulfill their community service hours... 
  look no further.  
It would be a good idea to bring gloves, and dress in things that you don't mind getting dirty... remember, it's basically yard work —Yippee!!! 
(we all love yard work)

 (No eye rolling!)

As the flyer reminds you to bring shovels and wheelbarrows also bring rakes and push brooms to help spread the bark. Even if you don't end up using  your garden tools, they won't mind sitting in your trunk, or the back of your pick up for a few hours. It's a good idea to mark any of your tools with your name and number to avoid confusion.

Even if you can only make it for a half an hour, or aren't physically up to manual labor, you can still come by and say 'hi' and meet some of your neighbors... that would be fine.  

This bark isn't going to spread itself.

I asked the city council members for some thoughts on the coming event and if they'd be attending, here are the responses I got. 



Mayor  Marsha Swanson told me that she'll regrettably be out of town this Saturday.  "These events, in my opinion, are what Wildomar is all about!  We are a community of good people with diverse ideas, who are willing to come together as a community of friends who are willing to help each other."



Bridgette Moore added, "I will be volunteering at Marna O'Brien Park. Some call it 'giving back' and others say 'paying it forward' but either way I believe it is important to be involved in the community in which you live. See you Saturday!"



Tim Walker said, "I will be there! It builds community, by people attending. Love to see our people helping."


 Personal thoughts on community spirit

I have to admit that I never really understood the point to, or the value of, community spirit. As I grew I went to 7 elementary schools. In the third grade alone I attended 4 different schools. So the idea of community is one that never really resonated with me until recently. It's still a bit foreign, but it's actually nice knowing others in our small town of Wildomar.

When Speaking to council member Bridgette Moore about it, she was saying how such events help build pride of the community for families and children, as they are helping to take care of their own parks. At that I had to pause for a moment and reflect.
I remember being 12 years old and playing Little League in San Bernardino. My dad was the coach, and as mundane as it seemed at the time, he had the team walk over the infield and pick up any pebbles and stones we saw, to make the playing field safer, before each game and practice. We all had to gather at least 10 apiece. It must have left more of an impression on me than I'd thought, since it's been a memory I've always had of those days...
Hmmm.... maybe the seeds of community had been planted but never given a chance to grow back then.


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