Sunday, January 5, 2014

• The Santa Rosa Plateau

Panoramic shot from the Vernal Pool platform looking westerly.

I've lived in Wildomar since Spring of 2001. My mother lived here from 1989 to 2003 and though I'd heard great things about it, I'd never been out there to hike (I went biking for an hour with my brother once, but I'm not counting that after today☺)


I hear that the area is stunningly beautiful in the springtime after the rains (if we get any rains this year that is). Take a look at these pics and resolve to visit the plateau this year. Imagine all the beauty that is simply a few minutes from your door in Wildomar, waiting to be discovered and explored by you and your family.

I know I'll be going out there more regularly now that I've finally been there.
A reminder to respect the natural habitat.

The view of a fallen fence while looking to the east from one of the many trails.

Another vista to gander at.
Along the trail.

Remember to wear proper footwear and bring enough water depending on the temps the day you go. Wear sunscreen and bring a hat (unless you prefer the sunburned look and feel that is). You might want to bring some trail mix too... as long as you're on a trail and all. ☺

This was a sight for sore eyes at the end of the hike!

A full size look at the first pic. This is a series of ten pics, taken with a basic Zi8 Kodak camera then stitched together in PhotoShop.

Also, I didn't see any facilities out on the trail, so plan accordingly when you go. Being that I'm a bit past the 'little boy' stage, I wasn't about to do the old behind the tree trick. 

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