Tuesday, January 21, 2014

• Windsong Fence Issue Gets Sent To Full Council

I'm just going to write a quick synopsis of the meeting.

A lot of discussion, but nothing decided tonight. The Windsong Park fence issue is being sent on to the entire council to decide, without a recommendation one way or the other.
I'm guessing there were at least 30 people in attendance and there were many on both sides of the issue. Though the clear numerical edge went to those that wanted the fence to remain up. 

I get their points... a little, but I still find it hard to believe that taking a five minute walk around the corner from my house would lead me into such a war zone... that's what the tales of woe in re living next to Windsong Park sounded like to me anyway.

Maybe we can get Uncle Jerry Brown (or is it Grandpa Jerry? but I digress...) to call in the National Guard to keep the peace in Bosnia-Windsongovina... Ha Ha! (you're supposed to laugh at that one, or at least roll your eyes).

I Am posting a 40 minute video that has arguments from both sides and the comments from the subcommittee and city manager on the issue.   

Everyone had good input, and though I still want to see the fence come down, it's good to see that neighbors can be decent to each other even when they're in the midst of a disagreement. 

Joseph Morabito and Monty Goddard after the meeting.

The other news was that we took another step closer to getting a Parks Commission. The early looks at it have it with 5 volunteer members, and a student as a sixth non-voting member, that would meet once a month. More on this as it develops.
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