Sunday, January 19, 2014

• Windsong Fence: Up or Down?

This Tuesday, at 6:30PM at City Hall, there will be a Parks Subcommittee Meeting where the fate of Windsong Park's fence will be addressed.

The question will be:
Should it stay...
 ...or should it go?
Here are links to two different letters to the editor of The Patch. Read them yourself to get a more in depth look at the opposite POVs.

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I have spoken many times to my fellow Windsongian, Monty Goddard, about this fence. It's obvious that this park, and the fence, are beleaguering him. From the first time I met him last year, till the most recent conversation we had a couple of days ago, this has been his primary focus. 

Still, like having empathy for those that live in the flight path of an airport, though I'd feel for their difficulty, my empathy wouldn't go as far as to stopping flights at the airport, and my empathy doesn't extend here to wanting a fence up at the park.

I've heard two competing arguments about what the fence is supposed to keep out. Originally, I took it to be kids in their late teens, hanging out after the park was closed. 

In the last conversation I had with Monty, he said it wasn't the kids that were there in the wee hours of the morning, but adults from other areas, that would come in after the bars had closed... and would proceed to hold loud parties regularly.

I'm not exactly sure how such info was ascertained [that it was adults from neighboring cities], but if residents are having to endure loud impromptu parties in the parks, the police should be directed to make such things a priority to break up and deter. We are the ones paying them, and they should be paying attention to any areas that have a known pattern of problems. 


If you have an opinion about this fence, you should either write an email to the Parks Subcommittee Members
Mayor Marsha Swanson
Council Member Bridgette Moore
telling them your point of view and/or attending the meeting Tuesday January 21st at 6:30PM at City Hall.

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  1. Hey i know lets sell tge park to a developer and let them build houses there! Would the neighbors like that better? Sheila


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