Wednesday, February 19, 2014

• General Plan Update Meeting Recap

Tonight's meeting was attended by very few people and it was over in about 40 mins.

There were only a three public speakers following a 15 minute presentation by Mark Teague. For all the hand wringing done about our city needing a "Wildomar Specific" General Plan, you'd have thought that some of the usual suspects would have come to register their opinions. Instead, there were next to no people there. Not counting myself, or those connected to the city in some way, I think there were less than half a dozen average Wildomarians there.

 The power point presentation will be on the city's website this week. 
My favorite exchange was between longtime resident Sheila Urlaub and Matt Bassi on the topic of lawsuits.

There will be a workshop style meeting this March 5th. This is where you're supposed to bring your photos of things you like or dislike about how you'd like Wildomar to look. 

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  1. Thanks for reporting on the meeting, and for modeling here the brevity you'd like to see in such meetings. I wanted to attend but I have two astronomy shows and a scout activity to prepare for this week. The adoption of the climate plan is interesting. I've been reading Murrieta's and have a few questions based on what Murrieta did. I plan to look into this. Let me know if you do too.


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