Tuesday, February 4, 2014

• Local "Activist" Jumps The Shark

I was talking to my brother the other day, he moved away from Wildomar two and half years ago but still works here. He was talking about the school he works for looking to build a new campus and he told me, "Our school is being threatened with a lawsuit by that lady that sues everyone."

It must be awesome to have such a reputation as that. Can you guess who he was referring to?

She stylizes herself as a "Local Activist" though all she's done for the community is sue us repeatedly. It started with suing over Wildomar going from district based city council seats, to one that is open (she keeps appealing though she lost that one).

From there, it has been one threat, or actual suit, after another against the city. To give her credit, she has had a couple of her suits adjudicated in her favor. Still, her batting average is well below the Mendoza Lineand it costs us, the tax payers of Wildomar, money to defend, in both attorneys and city staff hours.

I'm not going to waste reams of cyber paper on her, but I will post a screen capture of her latest comments on a story at the, soon to be defunct, Patch. The reason that I'm doing this is so that you can judge for yourself if she is the person you want as your "activist" or not, and if you appreciate her judgment on things.

The story in question is about a seven year old girl scout that had a 59 year old man point a gun at her while trying to sell Girl Scout cookies at 11:30AM on Superbowl Sunday .

Here is a link to the story if you aren't familiar with it. 

Here is a link to the story on the Patch where her comments are... but I suspect that she will  be trying to delete her comments soon, so I'll post the screen shot just the same.

She was asked if she was kidding.

To which she promptly replied:

This is an election year in Wildomar, and there will be three seats on the city council that will be up for grabs this November. There is a small sliver of Wildomarians that like what comes from "The Wildomar Watcher" [to each his own. I call that blog The Wildomar Timex] and they hope they can put people onto the council that will sit up and pay attention to her. 

 [Ummm... if we cared what she thought, wouldn't we have elected her when she ran?] 

I have no idea who to vote for at this point, but I can be damned sure that I will be looking askance at any candidate that she backs, and that actually accepts her endorsement. 

I just want ALL potential city council candidates to know who it is that might be giving you her thumbs up. 

Nothing personal Señora Timex, but you can't be both our 'self appointed "activist"' and 'someone that posts the things you do' without expecting to be called out on it. Hey, my comment section is open if you'd care to respond.

Oh, and I stole the title of this blog from Patch regular "Lotsahelp". It was just too good to pass up.

Last known picture of Lotsahelp

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  1. Replies
    1. Pretty much. Kind of sad to watch the downhill progression of a once viable person.

  2. I "pity the fool" that gets her backing! sheila

  3. How can she claim she wasn't saying girl scouts were a menace when she used the words aggression and intimidation in their sales techniques. That is crazy! And the reason we sell door to door on Superbowl is when you do find parties a lot of people will buy at once. A simple no thank you and we go away! Jeesh


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