Thursday, January 30, 2014

• It's a Stop Sign Stupid

Over on Harvest Way East, in The Farm area of Wildomar, there's a three way intersection that people aren't sure if it's real or maybe just a suggestion. Thalya Barrett spoke at the most recent city council meeting about it, as did her husband Jr Barrett and neighbor Dena Piraino on the issue of cars that either do rolling stops, or simply blow through it outright.

This intersection has seen many near misses, and Thayla's therapy cat was hit here.

I was there from 4:30pm to a little after 6:00pm. As was Mayor Pro Tem Ben Benoit. Actually, it was Ben that was going to go and check it out in person, and after reading Thayla's facebook post on it, I invited myself over. It was good to meet some more of my fellow Wildomartinis, including Brian and Amanie McDaniels and their son Luke, while taking a look at what's been plaguing them.

I set up a video camera to see if we could capture any people that didn't feel up to pressing the brake pedal. I did catch some, and plenty of others went for the rolling stop. 

Then I turned it into a video game... check it out... it even has Boots Day's  Yakkity Sax under it, so you know it has to be good. ☺


Thayla Barrett collecting signatures.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. 

I didn't realize that the Barretts were actually between the two stop signs. So the problem is that people don't stop... whereas earlier I thought it was speeding (which is probably happening the further one gets from the stop signs). 

When you get right down to it, it's just people feeling that some laws aren't important enough, or don't apply to them, and aren't worried about how their actions affect others.

Personally, I don't see how speed bumps would change the attitudes of those that don't want to stop... unless you were to put the speed bumps right at the stop sign.


She has been gathering signatures, to take to city hall, asking for assistance at this intersection. She's gathered 175 so far, and has only had 3 people show opposition.

I heard Ben Benoit talking about having Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York take a look at the various options. It'll be interesting to see what can be done about it. Imagine if people simply would respect the fact that they are driving in a residential area... you know, a neighborhood, and just showed some respect from the get go. Too Simple... I know.

When I was leaving, it was after the sun had set. The first thing I noticed is that The Farm is DARK at night. I've heard about how they don't have street lights, and now I can appreciate the ones in my neighborhood more. I almost got lost just trying to get across the street back to my own car. ☺☺☺

...but seriously, I wanted to drive the road in question, so I went up the hill, then back down. Though there are signs that alert you to the coming stop signs
There are existing signs alerting drivers to the coming stop signs. For reference, north is towards Bundy Canyon.

there still needs to be painted warnings on the street, further back than currently exists; plus, what is there, could use a fresh coat of paint. That would help a lot more than how it sits today; just basic markings right in front of the stop line.

How it currently is (on the left), and what it could look like with larger warnings painted on the street (on the right).


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  1. Ok Joseph this is the best piece so far. I am shocked and amazed that people simple do not stop and the sign. We need to see what the farm association has to say before the city do we not? Surely the city cant just go in and add to the streets without discussion with the HOA...

    1. Thanks!
      I tend to agree with you about the HOA. From what I was told, the HOA said that street issues aren't their gig. Still, I'd think that the association could pay for any improvements, be they speed bumps, or fresh paint.

  2. Joseph, you're really talented at writing effective articles! I admit I was amused by the video, but I was more impressed with its efficacy at making a point. Clearly there's a problem with people failing to stop, Thanks for posting!
    - Kevin Sax

    1. Thank you for the nice words.
      Like I was telling those that were there... I hate stop signs that don't really patrol an intersection with plenty of cross traffic. Still, that stop sign was put in for a reason, and people shouldn't be blowing through it like they are.

  3. I have to laugh. The Farm doesn't want outsiders using their roads but they want to city to fix their problems, most of the violator's live in their community. Per the Davis-Stirling Act, Associations can impose penalties on members for driving violations of members and their guests and tenants. Associations have the authority to make and enforce rules for common area use provided the rules are reasonable. If it is in the HOA's CC&R's that everyone will stop at a stop sign or be fined, problem solved.

    1. I have to agree with you. If the Farm can fine people $100 for leaving their trash cans out over night (something I've heard), or force people to repaint their homes (I was part of a group that helped an elderly lady avoid fines threatened for such a thing), I think they can partner with the city to get their problem roads/intersections dealt with. There is a proposed development behind them, and they want no part of any ingress/egress with them... yet I'm wondering if they might like to use the parks and stores that are on the drawing board. I guess they'll be driving the long way around if that ever happens.

    2. Hoa's seem to have strange priorities. sheila

  4. Thanks for you help with this issue Joseph. After talking to others in our community and reading these posts, I know now that ours is not the only intersection in the city with a problem of vehicles not obeying stop signs and speeding. I truly hope something can be done wherever it is needed before a child loses his/her life to one of these lawbreakers.

  5. I happen to live a few houses further from the stop and can tell you people blow by my house at 50 sometimes. Most do not adhere to speed limit and DO pass me when I am. It is frustrating to know it is parents and neighbors doing it. We have no sidewalks and I worry about my kids.


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