Monday, April 7, 2014

• Murrieta Creek Regional Trail Project

If local trails are something that you are interested in, you'll want to attend this week's (April 9th) city council meeting. 

One of the things that I enjoyed hearing about earlier this year was the Murrieta Creek Regional Trail Project

This will stretch 17 miles from Temecula to Lake Elsinore.

City Engineer Dan York will be giving a power point presentation about the project. I've seen the pdf file and it's very comprehensive, but here are a few key slides to give you an idea of what's on the table.

Here are two views of the same area being discussed. The first is a general map, the second shows nearby trails.

                      Allow me to retype what is on the slide                
  1. Isolated segment of existing DG trail developed along the western levee of Murrieta Creek.
  2. Beginning of asphalt surface trail developed along the eastern levee of Murrieta Creek.
  3. View of the Murrieta Creek corridor looking south beyond future Temecula Parkway bridge.
  4. Existing asphalt surface multi-use trail running adjacent to Diaz Rd.
  5. View of the confluence area of Murrieta Creek and Santa Gertrudis Creek.
  6. Bridge at Rancho California Road crossing over the Murrieta Creek corridor.
  7. Facilities at Rotary Park, including parking, playgrounds and picnic areas, provide an opportunity to establish a formal trailhead.
  8. View of trail intersection at Rancho California Road.

  1. Informal natural surface trail along Murrieta Creek near Vineyard where future proposed levee trail will be developed.
  2. Existing DG trail segment runs along Murrieta Creek corridor to the end of Sykes Park.
  3. The Murrieta Equestrian Park represents one of the few equestrian staging area opportunities for Murrieta Creek Trail users.
  4. View of Kalmia  St as it crosses Murrieta Creek.
  5. Small greenbelt adjacent Murrieta Creek just off of Kalmia at Calle Estancia.
  6. Critical creek crossing point from existing DG trail segment into Copper Canyon Park.
  7. View of the B St bridge as it crosses over the Murrieta Creek corridor.

  1. Existing steel frame bridge across Murrieta Creek inlet.
  2. View of locked gates where the creek inlet meets Grand Ave.
  3. Looking west across Union St to concrete lined creek inlet.
  4. Looking west at trail entry point off McVickar St.
  5. Existing segment of DG multi-use trail along a portion of Grand Ave.
  6. Existing shade structure at trail entry point at western end of Gruwell St.
  7. View of Gruwell St as it crosses over the Murrieta Creek corridor.
  8. View of Central St as it crosses over the Murrieta Creek corridor.
  1. View looking north from Serenity Park over Lake Elsinore open space where many informal trails intersect and connect into the lake levee trail.
  2. Break in the fence from Serenity Park indicate where non-sanctioned trails intersect with the park.
  3. Locked gates to flood control channel on northside of Corydon St.
  4. From Palomar St, looking south into the the flood control channel which connects off of Corydon St.
  5. The Lake Elsinore levee trail continues on to the lake Elsinore Diamond, a potential significant "anchor" point for the northern terminus of the regional Murrieta Creek Trail.
  6. Access road behind Lakeland Village Middle School wraps around Rome Hill and connects into the lake levee trail.
  7. The Lake Elsinore levee trail provides significant hiking and biking opportunities for trail users.

I was asking Dan about this and learned that this has the National Parks and the Sierra Club on board with it. Though it would take time to complete, there is a one year goal for connectivity. 

Come on out to city hall and learn more this Wednesday. Meeting starts at 6:30PM but you may want to get there fifteen minutes earlier than that.


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