Wednesday, April 9, 2014

• City Council Meeting April 9, 2014

Tonight's meeting started with moment of silence for Joe Tunstall.

Then there was a presentation to Sean D'encarnacao — David A. Brown Middle School THINK Together and some of the players from their basketball program.

There was a proclamation that May is Mental Health Month.

In the Council Communications portion there were many interesting tidbits, so I figured I should just upload the video for you to take in the info for yourselves. Many various things mentioned by the five council members, and comments by John Garrett about May 3rd's Astronomy Night at Marna O'Brien park.


The next part was Western Riverside County Climate Action Plan Update

We already went over this at the Planning Commission meeting... but everything has to be presented to the council, so they had to sit through it too.

Look, it is flat out asinine to think that Wildomar, or Western Riverside County could impact Global Climate Warming Change (or whatever you want to call it now) a single iota. Dialing back on our carbon emissions is utter folly and a complete waste of time.

That isn't to say that any sane person is
for wasting our resources, or in favor of pollution.

You could remove all of Riverside County from the map and it would have  ZERO  impact on Global Climate Issues (real or perceived).

You could remove  ALL  of California, all 38,000,000 of us (which is less than half of 1% of the world's population) and it would still have next to NO impact when China and India are constantly expanding, with plans to build more than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide

Sorry envirosexualists, but silly little things like that can be found in the WRCOG Climate Action Plan are a complete feel good waste of time. If you insist on thinking the emperor has a beautiful robe on, have at it.

I was happy to see Council Member Tim Walker not be on board with this and be willing to go on the record about it. His comments can be seen starting at  16:40  of the video below. This was a no vote issue, just that the city council receive and file the report.


Followed by the Murrieta Regional Trail Project

Again, if you are interested in this exciting project, take a look at the video (actually, listening will be fine here, there are no true graphics in it). You can always contact City Engineer Dan York and ask to see a copy of the power point presentation. You can also click here to see the highlights that I blogged about earlier on the topic.


Last of the meeting was Future Agenda Items

Ben Benoit had a couple of ideas.

The first was a new one for me. The suggestion to change Baxter Road to Wildomar Parkway. Though "Parkway" seemed to be out of place, when I think of roads like Laguna Niguel's Crown Valley Parkway, that stretches from Antonio Parkway all the way to Coast Hwy. Still, replacing the freeway visible Baxter with something that says the name of our town is appealing. After the meeting, Benoit told me that the suffix wasn't the important part.

Let's put it to a vote... I'd like to suggest Wildomar Highway J/K... Take a look at all these street suffixes and see which one you like best.

The second was to get the post office to finally change some of Sedco Hills addresses to Wildomar. Check out the video to hear the details.



  1. Thank you for the update. I think Wildomar Pkwy is a bit of a stretch given the lack of actual development off Baxter. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks again for posting on the meetings. Thanks to you, I was aware of the WRCOG draft Climate Action Plan and had the opportunity to study it and others. I've read perhaps hundreds of research papers on climate science, yet I'm dismissed as a "envirosexualist". This is a funny variation of 'tree hugger' but please know that, speaking for myself, all acts of tree hugging were consensual.

    Acknowledging the impact of China and India suggests that you accept the reality of climate change. But Tim Walker's comments were in a completely different vein. So your embrace of the India-China problem and Tim Walker's comments shows great intellectual flexibility.

    I have a good rapport with Tim and I could not do the job he does. Therefore, I rarely criticize a council member's comments unless it's on a subject that I know well. Tim's comment was that he doesn't believe in climate change. This is a rejection of a very broad scientific consensus. His comment (and yours) on "global warming" vs "climate change" is ignorant or malicious. Consider the IPCC, the pre-eminent collector of independent climate science: Founded 25 years ago under the name 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change'. Note that 'Climate Change' has been the preferred term for 25 years. When was the backpedalling supposed to have started? It may have started after Frank Luntz's 2001 memo on political strategy, in which he urged conservatives to promote the use of "climate change." I think he succeeded, but then to say it's the scientists who are back pedaling is putting words into their mouths and then criticizing them for what you said they said.

    People can further criticize my view of the Climate Action Plan and my view of climate science at my blog:

    Thanks again, Joseph, for your community service (no sarcasm)


    1. John,
      I really respect your input, even if we have different outlooks on things. And I'm glad you took my silly word "Envirosexualist" in stride. It wasn't aimed at you, just those that tend to put human existence on par with feral cats and common mallow.

      I don't have to tell you how complicated the issue of climate science is, and I don't even pretend to understand its varied complexities. That's why I try to deal with things I can understand on the matter. Namely that, even if —even if, this was something mankind could control, it would take a serious group effort, and small things just wouldn't be enough to counteract the huge things that are out there.

      I look forward to the Astronomy in the Parks on May 3rd.

    2. John it was nice meeting you! I look forward to the night at the park. But I too am taking the whole issue of our local efforts at impacting climate change with a grain of salt as I didn't see anything "real" in the presentation. I agree that the climate changes-it always has and many dramatic things occurred before we silly humans got involved. I think it has become the latest and greatest bandwagon to get on. sheila

  3. Hey! Some of my best friends are common mallow!

    I too have enjoyed seeing and meeting both of you. I look forward to seeing you both again. May 3rd, definitely.


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