Sunday, April 13, 2014

• A Terrific Grand Re-Opening For Wildomar's Parks

Yesterday saw the FINAL grand opening of our parks... though you can be sure there are still those out there that would gladly waste a "third wish" on turning our city back into part of the county, gleeful at the thought that the parks might turn back into weed patches... but thankfully there are no such things as genies in bottles and third wishes.

It was a great morning, especially if you were a kid. Check out the video, it's starts with one round of the egg hunt, from a kid's eye level, and then has a slide show of how the day looked to me. Don't worry, I set the pictures to 3 seconds, and it goes by quickly with some great music by Kevin MacLeod of

Here are a few pics of our local VIPs, but really, you need to watch the video to get a better feel of the day.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, Mayor Marsha Swanson, Council Member Tim Walker and Mayor Pro Tem Ben Benoit.
from left to right (top row)  Daniel Torres, Les Chapman, Dan York, Gary Nordquist (not visible), Debbie Lee, Janet Morales. (Front row) Council Member Bob Cashman, Mayor Pro Tem Ben Benoit, Council Member Bridgette Moore, Council Member Tim Walker, and standing with microphone is Mayor Marsha Swanson.
Council Member Bridgette Moore cuts the ribbon making it official.
Those two flags look pretty good together.

Jackpot, of the Storm, is bro-ing down with the Easter Bunny.

Oh, and if you're looking for me to complain about anything here, you probably should go seek out one of those other local blogs, that specialize in such things. It would be great to live in a perfect world, but until such a thing exists, I'm not going to kvetch about things that don't amount to a hill of beans.

The parks are OPENED, though the grass still needs time to mature before it can handle heavy sports play. So easy does it for a few more weeks —then go hog wild on it.


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  1. I saw us for 3 secs off in the distance of the egg hunt and in the corner of one pic. yay we are famous


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