Saturday, April 12, 2014

• Dog Park Reopens and an Owl House

Today Wildomar's dog park reopened. It was after a lot of hard work that was captained by Eagle Scout candidate, Mike Ames. There are two Eagle Scout projects that are aimed at helping the parks and I'm going to dedicate blogs to each of those soon (there are a lot of pictures that tell a good story).

Here is a before and after look at the dog park.

The park was in a dismal condition before the Eagle Scout project.

Such a difference after a lot of team work.

In addition to the dog park reopening there was a brief ceremony dedicating the newly installed owl box. The event was attended by school children from Wildomar Elementary, of which the owl box was a project.

A large crowd of eager students, teachers and parents were on hand.
City Manager, Gary Nordquist, says a few words about the park and the owl house. You can see Mike Ames, alongside Council Member Bridgette Moore at the right side of the picture.

Now that the owl house/owl box is in place, as Gary Nordquist put it,  
"if you know any owls looking for a nice place to live, just send them on over," 
which got hoots from the crowd. ("Hoots" —get it?) ☺

After the students went on with another part of their outing, Mike Ames called all the volunteers together and gave a heartfelt thanks to all those that made the project possible. Mentioning Janet Morales, among many, for making the project a reality.



  1. Where is the dog park located? You can get me at kathy Nezzer on face book thank you

    1. The dog park is between Collier Elementary school and houses that are off of Palomar. It's part of Heritage Park. Here is the city's website for it.!regency-heritage-park/ct4i

  2. The dog park is locked up again. We visited on Saturday and the chains and gates were locked. A call to the city on 4/15 informed us that there were issues with the locks and it will be reopening on 4/25.

  3. I can't tell from the pictures, do the dogs all play together or is there a section for small dogs only?

    1. Yes, the park has been divided into two areas. One for big dogs and one for small dogs. I haven't seen the signage, but was told that signage has been made to distinguish the two areas.

  4. For Anonymous - the dog park was open on the morning of the 17th. Apparently the lock situation has been resolved. For the second Anonymous - the dog park is sectioned into 2 areas that are marked Large Dog, Small Dog. Make sure you bring your own water and Poo Bags as they are not available.
    Kenny Mayes


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