Saturday, May 31, 2014

• Fun Time at Wildomar Elementary's Carnival

 Wildomar Elementary's carnival was something to behold.  

We were there for about an hour starting at 11:15am. 

I sure wish I had been about 10 years old again,
so I could have played all those games. 

This young quarterback just aced the football throw. I circled the ball in red so you can see it on its way to the target.

They looked fun... 
This is what a part of the carnival looked like around noon. This only covers about 30% of what was happening.

...but that slide looked intimidating. 
It was like Jack and Jill complete with tumbling all the way down the hill. ☺

The face painting looked a little less intense, though I declined to participate. ☺

There were plenty of places to get snacks and food. Tacos, popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade, hot dogs. We opted for snow cones.

Snow cones on a hot sunny day! 

♪     ♫      ♪     ♫     ♪     ♫     ♪     ♫
There was a DJ keeping the vibe in high gear, a raffle for a new bike and other great items too.

Signing up for the raffle.

Near the entrance was a small petting zoo that was popular with the kids... 
A chance to pick up a box turtle.

...and I found it interesting too.

I've never been good at the "selfie", even less so when I'm so close to a one eared prehistoric creature like this one. 
^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^

We bumped into some friends [Robert, thanks for the extra tickets] and had a chance to finally meet fellow Wildomar FaceBook group member, Carla Farver. It's always good to put a face with a name of someone you've known about for months. Let me suggest that you check out the Wildomar FaceBook group if you'd like to keep up on what is happening locally.

Here's an idea...
Last week, I enjoyed myself at the Rotary BBQ, but let me be so bold as to suggest something. Whoever is in charge of it in 2015, contact whoever it was that put Wildomar Elementary's carnival on. This place was a kid haven, and the best way to get a crowd to a community event is to make it kid friendly like this was. Many kudos to the person(s) that made this carnival come about. It was a treat to attend.

☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺   ☺

I looked for something to complain about here, and the only thing would be —that I was too timid to try the rock wall... hey, I'm not a kid anymore, and that thing is scary... unless you are a school girl in flip flops that is. 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


  1. Awesome commentary Joseph.Manny & I wish now we would have stopped by : (
    We were lacking grandkids today & thought we would be out of place next time we will go anyways.
    Darn dissappointed we missed out on seeing all of you and all that fun you spoke of.
    Cant wait for next year or the next fun Wildomar event!! Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!! :-P

    1. Rose, thanks for the kind words. Though it was ideal for elementary school age kids, it was fun to go and hang out with friends, eating a snow cone and enjoying the sounds of happy people in the foreground.

  2. A sincere, heartfelt thank you Joseph for your kind words about today's event! Your blog found it's way to our PTA team just as we were finishing the clean up today. Reading you commentary was an incredible way to end our day! Seeing the kids faces today was priceless for us all, and we are glad you enjoyed yourself as well. 'Till next year!

    1. It's always good to see what community effort can do when put to positive aims. The PTA team did themselves, the school, and the area quite well. :)


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