Tuesday, May 27, 2014

• New Light to Slow Your Ortega Commute

Hey, if you drive Ortega, get ready for another obstacle for your commute. A new light a Blackwell and Grand will be in operation this Thursday. 

As I was taking pictures, the project supervisor came up to me and asked why I was taking pics... if I had been in an accident. I told him no, then asked when it was going to be in operation... he said Thursday. I mentioned about what it will do to the morning commute, and he mentioned that there had been several fatalities there the last couple of years.

It also helps to have the county supervisor living in that area. 

I'd like to see the future stats on accidents the light ends up causing, with people either running the stale yellow or slamming on their brakes at such times... but I guess that will take several years for the data to come in.

I'm sure that if people live in Lakeland Village, they will probably appreciate the light (which is near Ly's Gas Station), but if you're from anywhere else, and only drive through that area, this is just going to be another bother to a commute that has gotten longer and longer over the years.

Some people are in mortal fear of Ortega Highway. My cousin used to forbid her husband from using it, even though it would have saved him at least a half an hour each way. When I moved here in 2001 I needed to commute 5 days a week to south OC. At that time I could get from Windsong to Shorecliffs (in San Clemente) in under an hour even if I left at 6:00AM.

As the years went on I had to back it up to leaving at 5:50AM to arrive by 7:00.

Then last year they put a signal at Gibby Road, where the trash trucks come out on Ortega Highway, and all hell broke loose. 

Before then, as long as you got past Gibby Road earlier than 6:30AM you were pretty much home free, but not since the light got put in. Now, if you aren't past Gibby Road by 6:00AM you will be backed up to Casper's Park.

If that wasn't bad enough, that fact has brought out commuters earlier than ever, and if you are at the bottom of the hill at 5:45AM you will be in bumper to bumper traffic; often having to wait 4 to 6 light cycles before you get the privilege of going at a snail's pace up the hill.

So I found the way to avoid the traffic... skip sleeping... sort of... I now leave the house at 5:15AM and get to work 45 mins early. I guess it depends on what you prefer. If you'd rather be behind the wheel for 80 to 90 mins and you enjoy stop and go traffic, leave whenever you feel like. For me, I'd rather make the trip in 50 mins and then sleep in the parking lot. Either way commuting SUCKS!!!! I'm glad I only have to do it once a week these days, and never in the eastbound afternoon rush.

Enjoy your last couple of days without this light.


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