Friday, June 13, 2014

• Getting to Know Your Local Library

First, you may be like I was, in thinking that our library is called the Wildomar Library

Silly you, it's called the Mission Trail Library. 

Such a natural don'tcha think? 
Well, not really... in other words, "no I don't".

Maybe we can get our County Supervisor to see about getting that silly name updated.
You can email our County Supervisor, Mr. Kevin Jeffries, by clicking this link.


Now back to the fun of discovering the WILDOMAR Library.

Location: 34303 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA 92595
I've lived in Wildomar since Spring of 2001 and I don't think I'd ever been in the library before today. Where we used to live, the library was near the community center and we went there weekly. In 2001 there was no library here... be it called Mission Trail or Wildomar. So we quickly got out of the library habit. Realizing I was omitting a valuable resource from my options, I decided to pay them a visit and see what it was all about.

Getting a card was easy and free of charge. The last card I had (for the OC library) cost about $2 and that was in the mid '90s. The process probably took less than five minutes. There were several card colors to choose from and I went with blue and the regular card style (in contrast to the key ring type of card they also offered). The librarian was very helpful.

The library isn't all that big, so it didn't take long to take a quick tour. 
There's a city bulletin board in the foyer.

You get your choice between both a men's and a women's rest room.
Though you're expected to use the appropriate one that pertains to you.

There is a nice central area where you can read or use the computer. As the librarian was telling me, you can use the computers twice a day and they set it up on your card with a pass word. I saw 5 or 6 computers (of which you can see four in this shot). 

Another view of things with two more computers.

This area looks rather inviting.

There is also a Friends of the Library room where books are sold. Here is one of the signs they had out for it.

In addition to books, they have:
•audio books
•online database
•information services
•homework assistance


They also have other special activities. Today they were screening Disney's The Jungle Book.

A good way to keep up with the latest at the library is to visit their facebook page.


This is basically the coolest return slot... ever!
The Library Hours are varied. 
Monday        12-8
Tuesday        10-6
Wednesday   10-6
Thursday       10-6
Friday           10-6
Saturday       10-3
 Sunday         closed

If you need the number, here it is.
(951) 471-3855

I also read that they have
Free Wireless Internet Available



  1. I'm glad it's again the polling place. I did NOT like it two years ago when it was....a church on MIssion Trail (the name escapes me). The other thing is that I once borrowed from this library long about a decade ago, the DVDs of Ken Burns' "Jazz" documentary and to this day, even having it available on Netflix, I've still yet to watch the whole damn thing. So thanks for your efforts to bring Wildomar to a good light and not have it fester only in the after-view of those that would discuss only negativity.

    1. Polling places change.Having it at a church has never mattered to me. This month I voted at a church on Grape street and years ago when I lived in Temecula it was always at the church on Rancho CA road. (not sure if it is still used).

  2. I was expecting an actual rap song.

    So dissapointing.


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