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• Notes from the City Council meeting June 18, 2014

The meeting started with a recognition of the Eagle Scouts we've been hearing about this Spring.

Council Member Bridgette Moore, Mike Ames, Riley Olson, Mayor Marsha Swanson.

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There was a lot of talk about the trash pick up... rates that is and what happens if you go AWOL on your bill.

Here's what I got out of it. If you own a home, pay your bill. If you own a home and rent it out, play it smart and roll the cost of trash pick up into the rental fees and that way you won't be faced with having liens placed against your home because of a deadbeat tenant mixed with bad county record keeping.

It was nice to see that the CR&R rep was very understanding and willing to work with the landowners that have been stung with this odd loophole. One resident asked why the city was in the business of collections for a private company. He asked if they were going to start collecting for Stater Bros and the local restaurants too.

First, though I know he was trying to make a point, Stater's doesn't have a contract with the city... not that I know of anyway. So there is a bit more of an obligation with the trash guys. I think a better comparison would have been the cable company. Thing is, no one is required to have cable, or electricity or a phone, but you are required to have trash service.

Before you go off on a "How dare they tell me I have to pay to get my garbage hauled away" rant, the rationale makes sense. If it wasn't mandated, so the story goes, many people would illegally dump their garbage or just stack it up in their back yards. It's a health issue and they are contracted to pick up your trash if you pay them or not.

In the end, if you are following the law, and are not an inattentive absentee landlord, the only thing you'll be facing when it comes to the trash guys is a rate hike of 27 cents a month if you are a residential customer of CR&R (21 cents if you are with WM) and $1.39 a month if you are a commercial customer. Yes, it would be great if prices never went up... but this is real life, and inflation is as American as apple pie and ObamaCare. Errr.... ummm....

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Library Name Change?

Interesting that I just wrote about the library needing a name change and it was on the agenda. Truth be told, I'd already heard it on the future agenda items the month before, and as it happens, it was in my email box as I was publishing it... and it came with a copy of a letter that will be going to Supervisor Jeffries.

I was hearing a couple of arguments against the name change. 

One was due to the cost of changing the Sign out front. Worst case scenario the sign doesn't have to be changed. When I went there last week I didn't even see the sign. The reason why the name change is important is so others know about it. 

If you're saying, "What does that mean?" let me clue you in. If someone says, "Meet me at the Sun City Library, you have a good idea what city it's in, since it's named after the city and all. If someone says to you, "Meet me at the Paloma Valley Library," would you know where to go? It's in Menifee and I only know that because I'm holding a bookmark telling me that's where it is.

By changing the official name of our library, to the name of the city, it will make it easier for others to find it.

How's this for a compromise?

 ☼ Wildomar Library of Mission Trail ☼
☼  sort of like Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  ☼

╟  ╟  ╟  ╟  ╟  ╟

I wasn't sure if I heard this next part right or not. Gary Nordquist was talking about Public Works Director/City Engineer Dan York and blithely commented something about Dan York having many titles and then I heard the words Assistant City Manager. As soon as the meeting was over I made a beeline for Dan and asked if I heard it right. Yep, I did... he's the new Assistant City Manager. A post that had been vacant since Gary Nordquist moved into that chair in late 2012. Congrats Dan, may your hard work and long hours for Wildomar only become more so... or something like that. ☺

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Last on the list was in the Cemetery meeting. 

Oh, if you didn't know it, there is a brief  "Cemetery District" meeting after each City Council meeting. 

The only topic had to do with whether or not to fly a POW-MIA flag, provided by the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) at the cemetery. There were veterans that got up and spoke. From what I got out of what they said, years ago a flag was provided but one of the previous cemetery trustees was a trouble maker and took some asinine stance against it. 

Thankfully that guy is no longer in the picture and the Cemetery Board (another hat that each of the city council members wear) voted 4-0 in favor of having the flag fly at the cemetery. 

[it was only 4-0 because Bob Cashman didn't make the meeting tonight. I didn't hear the reason for his absence. Let's hope it wasn't anything health related or family emergency.]

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  1. Joseph; Despite your characterization of my "asinine" stance regarding the POW/MIA flag proposed at the Wildomar Cemetery District during my tenure as a Trustee, I was only 1 vote of three, so at least one other Trustee agreed with me. Further, as an appointed official of the District, "trouble maker" is not an appropriate, nor accurate, depiction of a reasonable political position taken during my community service to the citizens of the Wildomar Cemetery District. If you would like to do so, I would be happy to discuss the issue personally, or by telephone. There were minutes taken during the discussion and the vote. They are in the possession of the Wildomar City Clerk; the audio tape might still exist.

    Gil Rasmussen, Past President of the Wildomar Cemetery District

    1. Gil; Interesting, but your story doesn't match what I've heard about it. The vote was 1-1-1. Why the other person (I know her name but am leaving it out here) chose to abstain [which is NOT agreeing with you] is something that I don't know, but I do know that you've had a problem with her, like you've had with most people in this town, so pardon me for discounting your input here.

      I see your offer to discuss this, thank you but it would be about as useful, and accurate, as if I asked the Northern Irish Protestants their opinion of their Catholic neighbors... meaning, not useful in the least and highly inaccurate.

      As for the actual conversation that transpired, and looking for past taped conversations... it's still about an issue that was poorly adjudicated in my opinion (operative phrase here: my opinion) so I'm not interested in such a pursuit. The fact that the flag is now going to be flown, and is supported by vets from your era, tells me that you were in the minority then just as you are today.

      Joseph Morabito, Current President of Wildomar Rap

    2. WOW! Can you imagine being so impressed with yourself being "president of the cemetary district"? Or so wrapped up in old news that you take offense from Josephs comments(super funny when you think of all the junk you dish out!) I am so amused at you (and others) who think all these little titles mean anything in the grand scheme of things. It isn't just you, there are plenty currently involved who take the role of "insider" way too seriously!..Really people? Most of the people in town have no idea who you all are! Gil so sorry you and yours lost your crowns that you held so dear. Maybe they will anoint you king of the patch!

  2. Sorry but I just don't understand why the issue of the flag ever became controversial. I am neither for it or against the flying of it. I defer to the feelings and opinions of the local VFW group that is donating the flag and supports it flying at the cemetery. Beyond that it seems to be just another reason for some to complain. Sheila

  3. When a Wildomar City contractor/employee, who was also a Trustee, proposed to hang a POW/MIA flag on the cemetery flag pole, it was because the City had decided that they could not do so, as it might not fit on their pole. As a result, it became an issue for the Cemetery District to deal with. Since the cemetery was/is not a national cemetery, the interjection of Vietnam era politics was inappropriate for our cemetery and was voted down 2-1 (no abstentions) after a robust debate. No complaining involved; just the healthy process of deliberation in a democracy, and one side prevailed. Since the current Trustees have now voted to politicize the cemetery, that is their right, but they have diminished the sanctity of the cemetery with politics, IMHO. Gil Rasmussen

    1. I now have two stories from two sources. I know both the other people that cast votes, I guess I'll have to ask them to go down memory lane for me.

      Still, I was alive, though be it a lad, during those times and you are the first person that I've heard indicate that the POW MIA Flag was political.

      Just one of the many subtleties I missed by not being in the baby boomer generation. Yet, I'm guessing that none of the 4 present council members had politics, local or national, when they cast their vote. I guess I need to ask them about that one too... though I have a feeling I'll be getting a blank stare at such an odd question.

      Chap of the Manor, Joseph Morabito

  4. Joseph; It's not political in the sense of democrat or republican, but it was a political issue from the War. As such, it should not be interjected into a local, non-military cemetery. When it came to us the first time, it was meant to be hung on the City Hall flagpole, over which I would not have had any heartburn. But when it was re-directed to the Cemetery, I had to consider all whose family members are interred in the cemetery, whether or not they would be pleased at the intrusion. Gil

    1. Gil; I can see your point. The problem is that we are both pretending that you were a well respected member of the community and that you were acting out of the goodness of your heart. Let's cut the crap. You have always been about controlling others through print and you have burnt every bridge you've ever crossed. I have comments open on my blog, and am willing to respond to most of them, for the purpose of allowing people to post their view, or critique, of what I'd posted. Thank you for using the comment feature as a way to put your side of the argument forward. Joseph

  5. Get over it Gil. You live in another city. You have puffed up your role as president of the cemetery district as if it was the most important thing around. It wasn't. The flag issue is just another example of you making a big deal out of nothing. Go help Hemet with their problems. No one misses you here.

  6. While adding a final piece to this thread the fact is the city verified that the vote was in fact 1-1-1 Stan Smith voted yes, Gil Rasmussen voted no and Paula Willette abstained. So once and for all Gil is a public LIAR as we all knew and he did in fact vote against the flag. Shame on you as a vet of the particular war not to be compassionate towards your comrades. Although you said you wanted to dodge the draft and were only in country for 12 months as a postal clerk who never say action. Nice purple heart as well since you fell on your hip on your own. Lets talk about the agent orange crap as well. Unless the command center was hit and all the top brass bombed themselves then this too must be bullshit.

    Do all of Wildomar a favor and stay out of the city and its running. You are an old cantankerous liar that is only trying to cause trouble.


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